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Antibody Validation Project

Did you know that around 98% of bio-scientists will use antibodies at least once in their career?!

And, how many of them had great experiences…? It’s a question that is all too often answered with damp tone.

In 2014, when St John’s Laboratory first setup the Antibody Validation Project Forum, they also set out to enhance customer access to research antibodies. They aimed to provide a service which would allow their customers to access sample size antibodies and would both benefit them and their peers. Watch the video below to know more about Antibody Validation Project

So, in 2015 they initiated the Antibody Validation Project (See More Details here) which offers all of their customers access to trial size antibodies, free of charge. Since its launch they have seen increased interest from research scientists who are often describing the same problems, such as; the primary antibody doesn’t work for my desired tissue, or the research antibodies cost too much.

This Antibody Validation Project solution was to make access more than 13,000 primary antibodies (and growing).

Unlike other projects, the Antibody Validation Project gives you the opportunity to develop a complete picture of the products you need, and utilize the

data provided by others. Take the chance to discover something new, identify an application which has not been used before, train, educate, and utilize your research tools more effectively.

Above all, Antibody Validation Project gives you an opportunity to explore more.

You can also access these samples through Biotecnika since BioTecNika is St Johns Labs exclusive partners for Antibody Validation Project from the Asia Pacific region. Simply place a deposit for your samples, test them, review the results on and then receive your money back.

Antibody Validation Project Reviews which are received within 30 days of delivery receive a full refund guarantee. You are also guaranteed a refund for all samples which fail to perform in their specified tissue application.

For more information, simply ask your local Biotecnika representative about Antibody Validation Project.

Buy Antibodies for your Research

Once you’ve completed your assessment of the antibodies you can upload directly to the website too and we will update the credit on your account accordingly.

Limit your risk, not your research.


Antibody Validation Project

So what are you waiting for? Your samples are ready and waiting.

Welcome to the Antibody Validation Project. A Joint Initiative by St Johns Labs United Kingdom and Biotecnika Info Labs India.


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