You Won't Believe How the Future of Biology & DNA Editing Looks Like!
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You Won’t Believe How the Future of Biology & DNA Editing Looks Like!

Synthesising life is a known concept that’s been around for a while in both science fiction and scientific literature. However, in the last 5 years, fast improvements in DNA synthesis technologies occurred allowing the branch to take a better shape. This shows that this specific field has a very bright future, and it is growing in research networks, conferences, and new research centers funded by national governments, universities, and funding agencies.

The DNA field offers plenty of new opportunities, especially if you’re an eager newbie with a curious mind and ready to learn science in a different, more specific manner. A man known as Vasil Hnatiuk believes that the future lies in modifying the DNA. He’s a designer and animator who studied the subject for a while and to present the future visually, he came up with this amazing video.

Synthetic Biology from Vasil Hnatiuk on Vimeo.

The video presents how modifying DNA will result in the future and improve the quality of our lives. It shows buildings grown by plants and flying machines made of bees. Or crab turning into construction machine. It all sounds like science fiction movie but he claims it’s possible and this is where synthetic biology is headed. And we believe him because it’s exciting just imagining this to happen.

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For those who still wonder the meaning of synthetic biology, allow us to explain as simple as we can. Synthetic biology is a promising and intriguing science that presents engineering ideas to biology, to modernize and revamp already existing biological organisms and systems in order to create fresh ones. And how could you achieve this if not by using what we all have in common like the DNA?

While others focus on fuels and pharmaceuticals, this motivated fellow looks at the bigger picture and has higher aspirations regarding the future of the DNA.

His bigger picture is consisting of organic cities, animals and insects turning into compound ‘living machines’ or even E.T. colonization. Just as you heard on the video, nature itself is filled with construction blocks of the DNA software.

And blended with engineering, it will reveal plenty of stunning opportunities that would be a shame not to take advantage of. Breaking this code will get us into a world of technological achievements that our civilization hasn’t seen so far.

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