BioTecNika Collaborates With BIT Mesra To Promote Biosciences
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BioTecNika Collaborates With BIT Mesra To Promote Biosciences

By 2025, Artificial intelligence will be on the Top Charts in everything including Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, population health management. Even Niti Ayog, Govt of India recently has proposed Employing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Education & Agriculture Sectors.

Startup numbers have also drastically increased in recent years in healthcare & Biotech AI space. Mega partnerships have been established in between Pharma Giants & biotech startups that employ AI for drug discovery. AI has been foreseen to be used in personalized Medicine, drug discovery, Laboratory assistance and much more.

We at Biotecnika in collaboration with BIT Mesra have decided to conduct a Mega Event keeping this biggest transition in Healthcare & BT in mind, making us future ready:

Virtual Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Biotech & Health Tech ( AI-BT-HT )

BIOTS, BIT Mesra has joined hands with Biotecnika to make this grand event a success. BioTecNika and the society of biotechnologists(BIOTS) BIT Mesra jointly will be taking ahead this initiative in order to educate the mass about the role of Artificial Intelligence in Biotech & healthcare and its future advancement. BIOTS – BioTecNika collaborative partnership also aims at exploring newer horizons in Biotech field ranging from Job Opportunities, Internship Opportunities, overall taking research to a newer level.

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The BIOTS BIT Mesra -BioTecNika collaborative partnership will effectively communicate and create biological technologies from discovery to design. Existing programs and value provided by both organizations will be enhanced through the cooperative use of financial and human resources to undertake and deliver special workshops, internships and technical events to a worldwide audience.

About BIOTS, BIT Mesra

BIOTS is one of the oldest student clubs of BIT. BIT Mesra has been growing steadily since 2005. It is a non-profit society under the de­partment of bioengineering. BIT Mesra, Ranchi motto is to establish a Research and Innovation Cell and to create a sound en­vironment for biotech startups to serve the Nation. They Provide Interaction between Biotechnology Students & Biotech industries, helping them resolve problems persisting in terms with Career & Research opportunities, As well make them aware of latest developments in the biotech sector. They have started Initiatives to spread awareness of Biotechnology and Bio-Science field and to give students industrial exposure as well as making them confident to go for innovative start-ups.

Biotecnika’s sole aim since inception has been to promote Biosciences & research. We would love to join hands with people / Institutes / Colleges who share the same goal and would like to be a part of Biotecnika Revolution.

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