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NITI Aayog Proposes Employing Artificial Intelligence in Sectors

Whether you are enthusiastic, indifferent, or carrying out a bunker with dry products, there are numerous ways your life is very likely to be influenced by artificial intelligence in the next several years.

Our small business and private lives are touched by AI daily. That friendly woman that took your advice and looked up your accounts once you called your insurance provider? A robot. That very helpful service on Netflix that urges on new shows to see? That stilted voice which provides you directions when you are lost in a new town? Amazon’s useful home helper, Alexa and Apple’s helper, Siri?

Without probable realisation, we are interacting with “think” machines in an unprecedented degree and in types we had just imagined before.

Now, in a new developed of this nature, NITI aayog, the government think-tank has said that it has identified five sectors that includes healthcare, agriculture, education, infrastructure and transportation that can benefit from adoption of artificial intelligence. A paper titled ‘National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence’, said, “AI for All will aim at enhancing and empowering human capabilities to address the challenges of access, affordability, shortage and inconsistency of skilled expertise.”

From the aforementioned paper, Niti Aayog has opted

to focus on five businesses that includes health care, agriculture, education, infrastructure and transport that could gain from adoption of AI in solving social demands.

Aiming to genuinely reap rewards of using AI in most and across industries, the paper has identified obstacles which have to be addressed to attain success in using AI.  The obstacles include lack of experience in application and research of AI, lack of allowing data ecosystem, higher resource cost and very low consciousness, privacy and safety difficulties and lack of collaborative strategy to adoption and application of AI.

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