Read About The Pitfalls of The Bio-Medical Field in Biotecnika Magazine’s October Issue

The October issue of Biotecnika Magazine focuses on the healthcare faction, highlighting people who have been made famous, even infamous, through their contributions to the machinations that directly or indirectly changed the course of human well-being. From hospital borne diseases that are leaving patients sicker than when they arrived (“Are our hospitals making patients sicker?”) to decoding DNA in outer space (“Kate Rubbins in Outer Space”), these stories talk about the pitfalls and triumphs of the bioscience field in medicine. Our focus stories are on three current problems: the Bayer Monsanto merger, the hideous inflation of prices for the life-saving Epipen, the argument for and against using gene drive technology and how scientists can protect (or be divested of) their findings through the manipulation of IPR protocols. We have had the honour of interviewing Dr Arun Garg, the head of the department of Neurology at Medanta Medicity and Dr Sanjiv Agarwal, the founder of Diabetacare and profusely thank them for taking time of their busy schedules to answer our questions.

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