Our brains are capable of holding millions of memories, more so when they are interesting.

We’re sure that, during your foray into the field of biological science, you’ve had at least a few unforgettably funny experiences and we’d love it if you shared them with us in the July+August Edition of the Biotecnika Magazine.

Besides, don’t you want to have your name published in a magazine? 

Here’s how you can be one of the first to appear in this new venture of ours. You will need to submit:

Your Name  – We’d like to know who the article belongs to. If you are shy, you can always submit a wacky username

College/Place – The place you call home

Title of the Piece –

Try something catchy 

Main Text –  Be concise and witty. You can submit either a written piece or even a photo.

Now, like all good things, there are a couple of RULES to be followed

  • The article must be original. Make it up, or recall it from the dusty recesses of your mind – it doesn’t matter to us as long as it is your own.
  • If you are writing the article, keep the word count to around 100-150 or less and make sure it is written entirely in English. Try not to include names of people (like your professors) or sensitive information. Who knows who’s going to read your article?
  • If you are using a picture, don’t forget to include a caption or explanation and make sure the picture is the very best quality you can procure.
  • It must be related to biological sciences (obviously).

All you need to do is send your entries in to [email protected]

The deadline for this super easy way to fame is Tuesday, 12th August 2016.


What are you waiting for ? Get creative ! 

Vennila Arivoli
Vennila is one of BioTecNika's Online Editors. When she is not posting news articles and jobs on the website, she can be found gardening or running off to far flung places for the next adventure, armed with a good book and mosquito repellant. Stalk her on her social networks to see what she does next.