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18th May 2016 | Bangalore

Interesting question, isn’t it ?

This question haunts every M.Sc Post Grad now and then . And then you turn to Internet. The takers of Ph.D will obviously say go for MBA and the takers of MBA will obviously say Don’t run behind MBA. Thus we thought to carefully examine both the routes and understand which career can make you or break you.

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Lets start with the recent ASSOCHAM survey which found that only less than 7% of MBA Grads ( except IIM’s ) are employable. Now lets keep the the findings of this survey aside and try to understand why and why not go for an MBA after your M.Sc in Life Sciences ( Biotech , Biochem, Genetics, Microbio etc ). When you stand at such a cross road of your career, you need to self introspect and find out logical answers to the following questions:

Simple Questions:

  • Where you want to see yourself in next 10 years  : At Managerial level or Innovator level ?
  • Are you a Family Person who wants a 9 to 5 Job or you are a Laboratory Person
  • Are you going to be the Primary source of Income to your Family or Secondary Source ? If primary then how soon you need to turn yourself into a Cash Machine ? , if secondary then how long ?
  • What you enjoy the most ? Managing people, resources, sales, marketing, finance, Mathematics ? or you Like working on your core research areas ?
  • Can you manage high pressure targets which comes along with the responsibilities of a manager. or you want to live life innovating something which can change the way humans live ?
  • Are you ready to be absorbed in the corporate tsunami of weekly, monthly quarterly targets ? or you want to spend 7 years of your life working on Just one PhD thesis ?
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Some Tough Questions :

  • How important is money to you ? and how soon you want to get started earning ?
  • Do you think a simple MBA from a Tom-Dick-harry college will fetch you a very high salary package ?
  • Do you think after working for your Ph.D you will start getting a ultra high salary job ?

The Real Picture :

  • An MBA done from a college which is not in top 50 ranked colleges of India , Embrace yourself for a very  low salary job or no placements at all. Read the Complete ASSOCHAM Survey here
  • A Ph.D done via the Non – CSIR NET / Non – GATE / Non – ICMR Qualified route ( in India ) is a waste and may not yield you desired job

The Litmus Test:

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Write CAT Exam if you are interested in MBA, Prepare well and then make sure you qualify it. Download Sample CAT exam Paper here

Write CSIR NET , GATE , DBT BET , ICMR JRF Exam if you want to go for Ph.D.

Still confused ?

Ask us in Comments below, We will try our best to answer to each one of you personally.

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika


  1. Is it needed to go for MBA after Masters in Life Science? Keeping in mind when you want to do your career in Biotech Industry. Does MBA help in that case ?

    • No its not needed at all. If you want to move out of BT Industry, it may help but then your domain changes entirely and you may not be able to come back to your research career ever.

  2. Hi sir, I’ve completed M.Phil Microbiology in the year 2014. as i have more than an year’s break, Is there a chance for me to get into IIM for HR management if I crack CAT this year? if not, is it fine to ahead with Phd i the same field? and in which reputed institute? like IISc?

  3. Why is it written in this article that PhD entrance through non-CSIR NET is meaningless? Doing a PhD through GATE is of no value, is it so? Just a genuine query.

    • PhD through GATE is equally good ! We will rectify the statement in the article. Apologies

  4. Hello Sir, Thank for the article its a very smart way of giving a clear picture of with regards to difference between MBA and PhD…It was a article I was looking for. I am a working professional with TCS in the clinical research domain(service provider) for 3 years..I have done Master’s in Life Science and a PG course in Clinical Research. Now I am looking for change and I am not sure how to proceed..what could be the scope for an indivudual with qualification and work experience like me. what are the career options..

  5. sir i m pursuing m.sc botany how should i be furnished in this field when i complete my course? how my objective should be there in doing my projects? since i m coming from a situation to undertake a job necessarily wen i complete my PG what should i aim for?

  6. Nice article with lots of interesting questions that we should ask ourselves….
    article says it is waste if you do PhD via NOn- CSIR-JRF, GATE.. but can i know how it is useful if i do by clearing those exams, and also where can i get job after by PhD in life sciences? and the salary that i may get when i work after PhD?

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