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The deadly wrath of Zika might soon be at rest and more treatments could be pouring in to cure it and more methods at its way to control its spread. It could be achieved now as the most gruelling task of decoding the entire structure of the virus has been achieved by a group of researchers from Purdue University.

The issue not only covers how the virus structure was unveiled but also the proud moment of an Indian being the part of this extraordinary finding.

Ms. Devika Sirohi, a PhD scholar at Purdue, was the youngest member of the team who decoded Zika virus structure. Read the exclusive coverage on this young scientist, the findings of the research and what it could hold in the future.

May Cover FinalOther features included in the issue are “Super 13: the world of X-men and superhumans is here”, “GMO special article: Would losing on GMO take a toll on environment, economies too?”, “Why are billionaires investing if BT has no scope?” and more.

Special thanks to Mr. Ketan Zota, Director, Zota Healthcare and Mr. Robert Balderas, VP, Market Development, BD Biosciences, USA who took out precious time from their busy schedule to interact with Biotecnika magazine.

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