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Preparing for CSIR NET exam is not an easy task, Its an important decision for your career and you must take up cautious decision before starting your preparation. Here in we are enlisting top ten ways to prepare for csir net exam in life sciences or chemical sciences.

  1. Standard Reference Books: There are 100’s of Standard reference books so we have compiled a list of top 20 reference books for csir net exam
  2. Download E-Books for CSIR NET Exam: You can search the Internet or Subscribe to BioTecNika’s Online Study Portal to access all the Standard e-books needed for CSIR NET Exam
  3. Books specially prepared for CSIR NET exam: One of the problems faced by aspirants while studying for this exam is these books were never written from CSIR NET exam point of view, so its always ideal to go for study material or notes which were specially written from CSIR NET point of view. This not just saves your time in preparing for notes but also helps you skip unimportant topics.
  4. Coaching at Home: Now this is the most convenient form of coaching, you can either look for a local teacher who can coach you at a low cost or you can also opt for CSIR NET Online coaching at Biotecnika which will help you prepare for CSIR NET from home.
  5. Practicing Test Series: Just studying is not enough, Practice makes you perfect and having access to the Best test series will certainly help you. Always give tests in exam conditions and calculate your marks keeping negative marking in mind
  6. Training at a Coaching Center: This can be one of the best ways provided you have cautiously judged before joining it. Do check their success record, study material, test series and ask your friends or seniors who have attended coaching there.
  7. Watching Videos tutorials specially prepared for CSIR NET exam: Youtube can be your best source however you may end up watching many nonsensical videos, you can rely on Biotecnika’s Online study material for this as well.
  8. 24 X 7 Teacher support for Doubt solving: You can also get in touch with some experienced teacher who can solve your doubts whenever they arise.
  9. Proper Time Management: Ask your seniors or peers who have written this exam so that you can prepare a proper plan to at least cover all important topics.
  10. Learning from Mistakes of other Aspirants: There are 2 ways to Success, either you make mistakes and learn from it or you learn from some other person’s mistakes. By this we mean to identify a mentor which will always be available to let you know about the Do’s and don’ts of this exam
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We hope these ten points helped you however if you have any specific questions kindly ask in comments and we will respond to it within 24 hours.

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