Zika – The Deadliest Virus or an Experiment Gone Wrong ?

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Issue Description

The unchecked spread of virus created a situation of panic in major parts of the globe to an extent of a “Global health emergency” being declared by the WHO. “Zika”, the miniature devil wrecked the lives of many especially infants who were being born with deformity called “microcephaly”. While many linked it to Zika, there were also theories of it being spread by an experimental pesticide by Monsanto which was used in Brazil. Amidst the miseries, controversies, speculations and cures, Zika wrath has surely made an headline and we have covered the various aspects of Zika in this issue.

More in this edition are the controversy around cultivation of GM mustards,  the affect on Indian exporters of mandate by the US government to manufacture APIs locally, a fun read on body parts that we no longer need  to name a few.
A special thanks to Dr. Shivendra Bajaj, Executive Director, ABLE-AG and to Mr. Amit Chopra, MD ThermoFisher India and Mr. Mark Field, CTO, ThermoFisher who interacted with us.

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