Biggest Biotech Fraud of 2015! Martin Shkreli- the bad guy of biotech

A very happy new year from the entire team of Biotecnika to its readers!

While another year unfolds with its blank pages to be filled afresh, we hope for another action packed year. When it comes to biotechnology there were many stories that made headlines, but as the year was trending towards end, what caught everyone’s attention was the biggest fraud committed in the sector in 2015. Quoted as the “biotech biggest fraud” and the man involved in it as the “most hated man” in the entire globe, this new year special issue brings to you a story of success, greed and eventually a lesson that could be learnt from.

Read more on Dr. Maryam Sadeghi, Director, Digital Health Hub at Simon Fraser University and CEO & Founder at MetaOptima Technology Inc and Mr. Samartha Jain, CEO & Founder, Positive Biosciences

Also read in the issue:

  • Top 10 biotech/healthcare firms backed by Google
  • Biotech companies going virtual
  • Science breakthrough of the year: Gene Editing Technology

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Apart from the story of Martin Shkreli and his unrealistic drug price hike and other frauds, stories that promises to keep readers engaged are “Captagon- Captivating ordinary to extraordinary!”, “Environmental chaos and

biotech solution”, “Top 10 biotech/healthcare firms backed by Google and much  more.

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