Current Openings at BioTecNika & How we Hire

Current Openings at Biotecnika:

How we hire ?

We take hiring seriously. Oh we mean it!
The hiring process:

  •  Send us your resume and your covering letter.
  •  If we find you suitable, we will send you a questionnaire which you can fill out and send back to us

Phone Interview

If we like your story, we will schedule a call with you really quick. This is a preliminary chat that allows us to explore your thoughts on different areas and articulate your life story and the things that make you the rockstar you are. Phone interviews last anywhere from 10 – 45 minutes. (Neither are an indicator. Sometimes we are just convinced really fast)

A task
If you are applying for developer, design, sales or editorial positions we will ask you to work on a task (if you are out of station). The objective of this is two fold – You will get a sense of the challenges you will face at work and secondly we don’t want you to travel to our HQ until we are absolutely sure. Take this seriously, your next round solely depends on this.

Depending on the quality of work in the task, you may then go on to 4-7 rounds of interviews interspersed over a day or a couple of days. Developers will be evaluated on their technical competence, curiosity and interest in technology. For content and design, we look for ability, drive and a pattern of doing cutting-edge work. For business and other positions we look for drive, competence, curiosity and behavioural abilities. Interviews can be personal, technical or a quick chit-chat about your interests and goals.

Visit to the HQ and One-week Trials

In many cases, we will ask you to work with us for a week to enable us to get to know you better & vice versa by visiting our HQ. We would also want you to be sure that this workplace fits your demands and needs and there is no better way to do that than to spend a week with us.

If you are traveling from outside Bangalore we will reimburse you for your travel.

Hiring Consensus
We would like to keep the process fair and also allow your future colleagues to have a say in the hiring process. All hiring decisions are by consensus – the very people who will work with you closely have to agree. We spend a lot of time hiring the best and their judgement is of vital importance for every subsequent hire.

Hiring philosophy:

You need to be competent, curious and driven to be working at BioTecNika.Org – the same high standards of hiring have been applied to every single person at our office. This ensures that you will truly be amongst people who will drive you to greater levels. No compromise.