Wipro Drug Safety Analyst

Wipro Drug Safety Analyst – Literature Specialist For Biotech & Life Sciences, Apply Now

Drug safety analyst – Literature specialist

Pune, Maharashtra, India

About the job

Wipro is Hiring for Drug safety analyst – Literature specialist (Pune Location)!!!

Experience: 4+ yrs experience in Pharmacovigilance experience. Required understanding of bibliographic database & search libraries (at least 1 year hands on experience in crafting & executing search strategies).

Education Qualification: PhD / Pharm D / M.Pharm / B.Pharm / BDS / B. Tech/M.Tech.(Lifesciences), M.Sc./B.Sc. (Lifescience)

Role & Responsibility

  1. Oversee the execution & implementation of data acquisition and data management processes that support Pharmacovigilance activities.
  2. Construct & execute optimal search strategies on biomedical database & content aggregators platforms.
  3. In-depth knowledge about pharmaceutical industry, product terminology, drug nomenclature, drug class hierarchies.
  4. Understanding of medical terminologies and search syntax for leading search databases/platforms, i.e., OVID, Embase, Medline, Pubmed, etc.
  5. Ability to perform comprehensive review of literature and analysis of scientific published literature to support health agency requests and product submissions.
  6. Maintain awareness and understanding of relevant technologies that could support improvements in content acquisition.
  7. Oversee and interact with external vendors (i.e., content partners).
  8. Liaison with inter & intra team to meet the end-to-end process needs and meet business objectives.
  9. Innovative mindset to drive efficiencies and develop solutions that meet process & customer needs.
  10. Demonstrate high learning agility to learn and implement the latest tools/technologies.

Salient Required / Essential Skills

• Knowledge about bibliographic dataset and content libraries.
• Hands-on experience in setting up searches on OVID / EMBASE / MEDLINE.
• Proven scientific literature searching skills with experience applying pharmaceutical databases and resources.


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