MSD Intern Data Science

MSD Intern Data Science – Last Date to Apply!

Intern-Data Science

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Job Type: Full Time

Intern – Data Science

The Internship Program at our company features Cooperative (Co-op) education that lasts up to 6 months and will include one or more projects. These opportunities in our Human Health division can provide you with great development and a chance to see if we are the right company for your long-term goals.

The program allows students to work on one or more data

science projects within our Company’s Human Health Commercial division. These opportunities are designed to facilitate the transition from academia to industry for soon-to-be graduates and will involve participation and contribution in real projects being carried out by our company’s data science team. This is also a way for you to identify if our company may be the right company for your long-term career goals.

These positions are typically 3-6 months long and have various start dates throughout the year. Most of the projects will involve analyses in support of our company’s commercial objectives.

Candidates will be responsible for providing analytical and technical support, which includes the collection and analysis of internal and external pharmaceutical data to assist in making meaningful business decisions. Candidates will help to solve novel commercial analytic questions through use of Advanced Analytics (AI/ML).

Required Education and Skills:

  • Candidates must be currently enrolled in a bachelor’s / master’s / PhD degree program in a Quantitative discipline such as Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Computational Biology, Engineering, Management, or other relevant discipline.
  • Candidates must be expected to graduate in the next 1-2 years.
  • Candidates must have fluency in at least one programming environment such as Python/R and a sound understanding of OOP.
  • Candidates must have familiarity with the basics of data science and advanced statistical methods (clustering, regression, classification, etc.) and the ability to determine the correct method for the task or have the willingness to learn the same.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated the ability to problem solve independently on complex analytical projects.
  • Candidates must have an interest in supporting pharmaceutical data and analytics initiatives like segmentation & targeting, digital analytics, big data analytics, patient claims analytics.
  • Candidates will be required to serve as a quantitative methodology professional by developing creative analytical solutions and applying appropriate statistical and/or machine learning methodologies to answer novel commercial analytic questions.
  • Candidates should be effective oral and written communicators.
  • Candidates must be able to strike a balance between methodological rigor and project timelines/deliverables.

Preferred Experience and Skills:

Candidates having experience with one or more of the standard machine learning and data manipulation packages such as scikit-learn/numpy/pandas/mlr.
Candidates having familiarity with SQL & databases: Redshift/Athena.
Candidates having familiarity with Natural Language Processing & Large Language Models.

Required Skills:

Business Intelligence (BI), Database Design, Data Engineering, Data Modeling, Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Project Management, Software Development, Stakeholder Relationship Management.

Preferred Skills:

Actuarial Science, Actuarial Science, Big Data, Biomedical Research, Brand Marketing, Business Analysis, Business Case Analyses, Business Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Implementation, Business Management, Computer Science, Customer Marketing, Database Management System Software, Data Research, Direct Marketing, Empathy, Financial Analysis, Health Data Analytics, Health Informatics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Marketing, Marketing Data Analytics, Marketing Management, Marketing Operations, Natural Language Processing Tools {+ 13 more}

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