Walk-In Drive @ Biocon Biologics

Walk-In Drive @ Biocon Biologics! MSc Biotechnology & Microbiology Eligible



  • Sunday, 09 June, 2024
  • Time: 8 am onwards
  • Venue: Biocon House: Hosur Rd, Phase 2, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Experience: 2-10 years

Biocon Biologics

Education: MPHarm, Bpharm, MSc (Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology), BSc, Diploma, Btech (Electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and automation)

Department: Quality Assurance: OA Fill Finish, QA Biosimilars, QA Insulin

Skillset Required

  • Fill Finish, Biosimilars, Insulin: IPOA OMS, Audit and Compliance, AQA
  • Quality Control: QC Microbiology/QC Injun
  • DF Fill Finish: Aseptic Manufacturing DP Medical device, DF Packaging and Visual Inspection
  • Microbiology, Insulin: HPLC UPLC Analytical Techniques, Sampling, Environmental Monitoring, Water Testing
  • Aseptic Manufacturing: Vial Washing Filling, PFS & Sealing, OMS, OP
  • Medical Device and Packing & Visual Inspection: Labelling, Cartoning, Pick & Place Robotic Machines Handling, Track & Trace
  • DS Biosimilars: Upstream and Downstream
  • Engineering and Maintenance:
    • Upstream and Downstream: Mammalian & Microbial, OMS
    • Engineering and Maintenance: Automation & Instrumentation, Maintenance, OMS

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