Rhodes Scholarships India 2025

Rhodes Scholarships India 2025 – Apply Online

The Rhodes Scholarships for India

A Partnership between the Rhodes Trust and the Second Century Founder, John McCall MacBain O.C.

There are five Rhodes Scholarships available each year for India.

The first Indian Rhodes Scholars took up residence in Oxford in 1947, and since that time over two hundred Indians have been awarded the Scholarship.

Opening date: 3 June 2024
Closing date: 23:59, Indian Standard Time, 01 August 2024

As the Rhodes Scholarships are place-based, the eligibility criteria, application requirements and selection process vary slightly depending on which constituency you are applying for. To ensure that you have all of the information you need to apply, please read the Information for Candidates – specific to India – carefully. You should also check the Conditions of Tenure to ensure that your proposed course of study is covered by the Rhodes Scholarship and share the Guidance for Referees with your referees. These documents can all be accessed below.

In addition to the above documents, Rhodes Scholars in Residence in Oxford have compiled a ‘Scholars Guide’ to support applicants in the application process. Scholars in Residence have also offered to run an open group answering applicant queries so as to even the playing field

for all applicants, you will find the link to that group in the document.

Application Process

The application process is explained as you navigate through the pages below.

1. The Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about what the Rhodes Scholarship is, what it covers and what life in Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar is like.

2. The Selection Criteria

This section gives information about how we select Rhodes Scholars and what criteria we are looking for.

3. Check Your Eligibility and Apply

Find out if you are eligible to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship and start your application!

Information Sessions

This section provides resources to guide you through the applications process and answers your frequently asked questions.

National Secretary for India

Selection for the Rhodes Scholarships takes place in each constituency and is overseen by the relevant National Secretary and their team. Below you can find out who the National Secretary is and how to contact them should you need to.

Dr Dhvani Mehta
Email: [email protected] 


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