Hogeweg Hesper BIO-IT Scholarship

Hogeweg Hesper BIO-IT Scholarship Launched
Honoring the Pioneers of Bioinformatics

Exactly 54 years ago, two visionary scientists coined the term bioinformatics. Despite their monumental contribution, their names have faded from memory. At Biotecnika, we believe in honouring these pioneers while paving the way for the next generation of BIO-IT professionals. We proudly present the Hogeweg Hesper Scholarship, a prestigious program designed to handpick and nurture 16 talented individuals, equipping them with cutting-edge skills and positioning them for success in the BIO-IT industry.

The Pioneers: Pauline Hogeweg and Ben Hesper

The scholarship is named in honor of Pauline Hogeweg and Ben Hesper, the trailblazers who first introduced the world to bioinformatics. This scholarship aims to foster the next wave of bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning experts, ensuring you are at the forefront of the BIO-IT revolution.

Hogeweg Hesper BIO-IT Scholarship Details

We will select only 16 students for the Hogeweg Hesper Scholarship. Here’s what the bioinformatics scholarship includes:

  1. Scholarship Levels:
  • 100% Scholarship: This scholarship category is for candidates with high experience in any BIO-IT field.
  • 50% Scholarship: For candidates with moderate experience.
  • 25% Scholarship: For candidates with lower experience.

Apply for the HH BIO-IT Scholarship Here

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2. What’s Included in the Scholarship Program?

Under the scholarship, you will get extensive three-month training in the following BIO-IT disciplines.

  • Month 1: Bioinformatics Training: Learn to use 30+ different global bioinformatics tools and software through hands-on training under our expert scientists. Check More Details Here
  • Month 2: AI and ML Training: Gain a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in biology, bioinformatics & computational biology. Includes 30 days of extensive training in AI ML tools & software.
  • Month 3: Under Biotecnika’s Initiative for Coding for Biologists: Learn How To Code. Master important programming languages such as Python, R, CADD, Biopython & much more. Knowing these programming languages is necessary for developing AI and ML algorithms in biology & bioinformatics. Check More Details Here.

3. Additionally, After Completion of Training, Upgrade to Six-Month Project Work:

  • Choose from 100+ ongoing projects at Biotecnika.
  • Work under the guidance of esteemed project investigators such as Dr Nilofer, Mr Prodyot, Dr Harishchander, Dr Prakrity & many more.
  • Publish your research findings and receive mentorship from our scientific committee.

4. Stipend and Job Opportunities

Stipend: ₹10,000 for selected students

Selected students will have the opportunity to work online on Biotecnika‘s bioinformatics projects. Out of 16 students, four will be chosen for the stipend next year.

  • Four top performers of the bioinformatics scholarship will receive direct placement at Biotecnika, starting with a work-from-home internship at ₹10,000 per month, potentially leading to full-time employment.
  • Placement assistance will be provided for the remaining candidates in other biotech and pharma companies. While placement is not guaranteed, we will forward your CVs to potential employers and assist you throughout the application process.

Apply online for the HH BIO-IT Scholarship.

5. Additional Benefits of the Bioinformatics Scholarship:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Work experience certificates
  • Opportunities for paper publication with our scientists

Selection Criteria

The bioinformatics scholarship is open to candidates with backgrounds in biotechnology, life science, Bioinformatics, computational biology or related fields like pharma & chemistry. The selection process includes:

  • Evaluation of academic performance (submission of mark sheets required).
  • A telephonic interview to assess bioinformatics skills.
  • Candidates with existing BIO-IT skills may be offered direct job placements without undergoing the training program.

How To Apply For The Hogeweg Hesper BIO-IT Scholarship?

The Bioinformatics Scholarship application process is online. To apply, fill out the form below.

Step 1: Fill out the below application form
Step 2: You will get a call from our scholarship team within 24-48 Hours with further details
Step 3: Submit your academic Documents
Step 4: Final Procedures

Application Deadline: Apply by July 15th.


Contact Information: You can reach our team at TOLL-FREE 1800-1200-1818 or 080-5099-7000, chat with us online, or email [email protected].

This bioinformatics scholarship is a unique opportunity to honour the legacy of Hogweg and Hesper while shaping your future in the dynamic field of bioinformatics. Join us and be part of the BIO-IT revolution.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to receiving your application and embarking on this exciting journey together. Keep shining, and take care!