CSIR NET Postponed

CSIR NET Postponed – What Should Your Career Plan Now Be?

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Last week, the CSIR NET Exam was postponed indefinitely, and now we do not know how soon it will be back. With the NEET UG Scam and UGC NET Exam cancellation, it’s very clear that we are looking at a longer delay than usual.
But the Biggest Question is: Should your Career Stop here? Just because some people did a scam, should you never put a pause on your career?
Well, the answer is no. It must not. So here are your Plans B, C, D, E & F. You can choose whichever suits you best.

Plan A: Wait for the CSIR NET Exam to happen!

Downside: The main drawback of waiting for the CSIR NET Exam to happen is the uncertainty. Since the exam has been postponed indefinitely, candidates are left without a clear timeline for when the exam is going to take place next. This might lead to stress, mental pressure, demotivation & disappointment.

Plan B: Start Preparing for the CSIR NET Dec 2024 exam & GATE 2025 Exam

Upside: By chance, the June 2024 exam doesn’t happen at all, which is very likely Looking at the intensity of the situation. Just Waiting for the exam to happen without blindly is not a healthy choice for your future at all. Instead, Opting to prepare for the CSIR NET December 2024 exam and GATE 2025 offers several advantages.

By choosing this plan, one has the benefit of having enough time to thoroughly revise and prepare for both the CSIR NET Dec & GATE 2025 exams.

For CSIR NET December 2024, Biotecnika is starting specialized coaching through “Josh Batch,” exclusively designed to provide targeted CSIR NET Life science exam preparation under experienced faculty with comprehensive study materials. This batch is tailored to cover all essential topics and ensure candidates are well-prepared for the CSIR NET Dec 2024 exam.

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Similarly, for GATE 2025, Biotecnika provides structured online coaching classes to aid students in mastering the GATE Biotech exam syllabus effectively & Crack the exam with high scores.

GATE Exam is Getting More Competitive – The Sooner You Start the Better ✌️

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Plan C: Join Our IISc Incubated Lab Online and Offline Hands-On Training + Internship

Upside: Boost your Molecular Biology concepts and enhance your employability with our comprehensive training and internship program.

Experience cutting-edge Molecular Biology techniques through our exclusive training program hosted at IISc Incubated Lab. This unique opportunity combines online learning modules with offline practical sessions, providing hands-on experience in real lab settings. Whether you’re a student or a professional looking to advance in Molecular Biology, this program offers invaluable insights and skills development. Enhance your career prospects with certifications, practical skills, and the prestigious IISc Incubated Lab endorsement.

Learn More: Molecular Biology Techniques Hands-On Training & Internship Program Jan-Feb 2024

Plan D: Join Biotecnika’s 1,3, or 6-month Coding for BiologistBioinformatics or AI Ml Training + Internship – Get Work Experience + Publish Papers with our Scientists.

Upside: Enhance your Bio-IT skills to accelerate your career path. Top biotech and pharma companies like Dr Reddy’s, Illumina, Elucidata, Wipro, and Infosys are actively hiring Bio-IT professionals.

Embark on a transformative journey & become a BIO-IT Professional with Biotecnika’s specialized training programs in Coding for Biologists, Bioinformatics, or AI ML. Choose from flexible durations of 1, 3, or 6 months, tailored to suit your learning pace and career aspirations. Gain hands-on experience through internships where you’ll collaborate with our scientists, contributing to real-world projects and publications. Develop practical skills in data analysis, programming languages (Python, R), and bioinformatics tools crucial for modern biotech and pharma industries.

Opportunity to do Project work + Get Work Experience + Publish Papers – Become Job Ready & Enter the BIO-IT Industry

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PLAN E – Prepare for the FSSAI Food Analyst Exam – Explore Career as a Food Safety Analyst or Food Safety Officer

FSSAI Food Analyst Entrance Exam 2024 Notification Will Be Released Soon‍Make a Rewarding Career in the Food Tech Industry as a Food Analyst / Food Safety Officer ✌️Crack the Upcoming FSSAI Exam With our latest course under experts with over 20 Years of Experience

Starts: 9th July 2024
Duration: 50 Days
Venue: Online via Zoom
Time: 7 PM IST

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Plan F:  Take Up Online Certification Courses in Specialized Topics & Attend Workshops & Conferences

Upside: Enhance your knowledge and skills in specific areas of interest as well as trending topics like through online certification courses. Biotecnika offers courses in CRSIPR, NGS, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and related fields. These certifications can add value to your resume and broaden your understanding beyond exam syllabi.Learn More

At Biotecnika, we want you to become a 360-degree researcher. Qualifying CSIR NET or GATE alone will not help you proceed in your career; you need to be skilled to keep advancing until you reach the highest point.
Comment below about what you plan to do in the next few months while the NTA announces the New Schedule for Exams. But one thing is very clear: Plan A is not a Good Plan. It can lead to frustration and Mental Agony. So, Let me know what you plan to do in the next six months. Let’s not allow our careers to come to a standstill just because some people did a Scam.

For any assistance or More Information, Call TOLL FREE: 1800-1200-1818 or Dial 080-5099-7000. You can also Email to [email protected] 
Cheers to your Success!
CSIR NET Postponed – What Should be Your Career Plan Now?
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