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FSSAI Internship July 2024 With Rs 10,000/- Stipend | Check Eligibility & Apply Online

Check eligibility and apply online for the FSSAI Internship July 2024 with a stipend of Rs. 10,000.

Exclusive Opportunity: Biocon Biologics Hiring! Walk-In Interviews for Multiple Positions, Life Sciences & Biotech Eligible

Biocon Biologics is conducting walk-in interviews for multiple positions. Life sciences and biotech candidates are eligible.

NABI Hiring! Walk-In/Online Interview For Student Internship With Stipend + Research Positions With Upto Rs. 58,000 pm Pay

Apply online or attend a walk-in interview for the student internship at NABI in life sciences.

ICMR-NIIH Life Sciences Non-Med Job With Rs. 56,000 pm Pay – Apply Online

Apply for the life sciences non-medical job at ICMR NIIH with a pay of Rs. 56,000 per month.

UGC’s BIG NEW UPDATE : Indian Universities Can Now Admit Students Twice A Year

Learn about the new UGC college admission rule for biannual admissions.

Rebel Foods QA Job For BSc, MSc, BTech & MTech Microbiology & Food Tech – Apply Now

Apply now for the QA job at Rebel Foods for BSc, MSc, BTech, and MTech candidates in Microbiology and Food Technology.

Novozymes Biotechnology Engineer Executive Job Opening – Apply Online

Apply online for the Biotechnology Engineer Executive job opening at Novozymes.

Clarivate Senior Pharmacovigilance Specialist Role

Apply now for the Senior Pharmacovigilance Specialist role at Clarivate for life sciences candidates.

Novartis Associate Clinical Trial Leader

Apply for the Associate Clinical Trial Leader position at Novartis for life sciences candidates.

ICAR IARI Young Professional Opportunity

Attend the walk-in interview for the Young Professional opportunity at ICAR IARI in food science and life sciences.

Novo Nordisk Associate Patent Attorney Job

Apply online for the Associate Patent Attorney job at Novo Nordisk for biotech and biochem candidates.

ICAR IARI Genetics Division SRF Job

Applications are invited for the SRF job opening in the Genetics Division at ICAR IARI.

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