Plant Molecular Biology Job Recruitment

Plant Molecular Biology Job Recruitment at QTLomics Technologies, Apply Now

Plant Molecular Biology job description (MSc/PhD)


  • Implement and develop innovative molecular technologies with free-to-operate and new IP generation
  • Plan and implement experiments, generate and analyze data for oral and written project reports.
  • Plan and execute scientific experiments related to programs
  • Collaboratively work in cross-functional teams to ensure on time delivery of diverse plant biotech projects
  • Provide scientific leadership in project development and technical trouble shooting
  • Maintain accurate experimental records and perform all activities in compliance with QTLomics quality management and HSE guidelines
  • Passionate about agricultural biotech industry and good knowledge in genetic modification and editing of genome and product development
  • Capable of delivering under pressure and highly organized in multi-tasking environment
  • Occasional weekend or holiday duties to support research pipeline operation
  • Limited business travel

Responsibilities for plant molecular biologist

  • Extract DNA and RNA from different plants and plant products, measurement of DNA concentration using Nanodrop, Qbit, running agarose gels.
  • Run PCR, qPCR assays.
  • Library preparation, Sequencing of plant DNA and RNA using Illumina and nanopore sequencers, raw data collection and storage of data for further analysis,
  • Develop, adapt, and implement new laboratory protocols for DNA, RNA extraction from plants plant products and sequencing methods
  • Searches, reviews, and evaluate current foreign and domestic scientific literature and contacts colleagues for information on new and emerging technologies
  • Drafts protocols and conduct validation studies analyze and interpret results
  • Analyze, organize and manage data
  • Read relevant literature and adapt scientific findings to advance research in the area
  • Contribute to the delivery of R&D and client projects within the team under the guidance of line manager/project managers and other team members
  • Provide support to bioinformatician in analyzing and interpreting the results

How to Apply: If you are eligible then kindly send your resumes to [email protected].

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