Govt BIS Internship Scheme

Govt BIS Internship Scheme With Rs. 20,000 pm Stipend – Apply Now

Govt BIS Internship Scheme With Rs. 20,000 pm Stipend – Apply Now. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

1 Objective

Bureau of Indian Standards, the National Standards Body of India, seeks to engage students (Undergraduate and above) as “Interns”, who would be given exposure to various activities of BIS. The Interns would be expected to supplement the knowledge capital of BIS through collection, collation and analysis of data in respect of standardization, conformity assessment, testing, consumer engagement and stakeholder expectations. The Scheme is envisaged to be mutually beneficial to students and BIS. BIS would benefit in the form of getting fresh thoughts, perspectives and updated technical knowledge from the young generation. For the “Interns”, the exposure to the functioning of BIS and understanding of the quality ecosystem, which would be an add-on in furthering their own career goals in the Industries or International Organizations.

2 Salient Features

2.1 Eligibility

(i) Internship Scheme can be availed by students enrolled in reputed University/Institution within India (only such Universities which are State promoted or recognized by Association of Indian Universities) pursuing the

following levels of course(s) in any of the disciplines given under Appendix A:
a) Under graduation (having completed studies at least 4 Semesters)
b) Post-Graduation (having completed studies at least 2 Semesters)
c) Post Graduate Diploma
d) Research Scholars.
(ii) Students pursuing Undergraduate/Post Graduate/Post Graduate Diploma Courses shall have a good academic record and with minimum 75% Marks or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 7.5 out of 10 as on the last semester, whose result has been declared.
(iii) Research Scholars, shall have a good academic record and with minimum First Division or Cumulative Grade Point Average of 7.5 out of 10 in their Post-Graduation.
(iv) Students/Research Scholars shall be Indian Nationals.
(v) Law Students shall have a good academic record and with minimum 60% Marks as on the previous year, whose result has been declared.

2.2 Duration

The Internship Scheme would be available throughout the year based on the requirements of BIS and the timelines for Internship in the selected Institutions. The duration of Internship shall normally be two months. Internships of longer durations, maximum up to six months could also be considered depending upon the need of BIS and the willingness of the sponsoring Institutions to avail the Scheme as part of their Course Curriculum.

2.3 Stipend

The Interns will be provided a stipend of Rs. 20,000/- per month, calculated on pro-rata basis for each completed week.

2.4 Logistic Support

BIS would provide adequate infrastructure facilities to the Interns at its Offices and also proper authorization for interactions with outside stakeholders on behalf of BIS. Interns would be required to bring their own laptops. For the local/outstation visits, if required to be undertaken as part of the Internship, BIS would reimburse the travel & stay expenses as applicable to BIS employees, Level 6 or actual, whichever is less.

2.5 Attendance

Interns shall be required to have a minimum of 75% attendance out of the actual working days. Loss of attendance due to unforeseen circumstances may be compensated by extension of the Internship for the commensurate number of days, subject to recommendations by the sponsoring Institution and approval by the Head of the concerned BIS Office. Such extension would however not entitle the Intern for any additional stipend.

2.6 Certificate

Interns who have completed the Internship with minimum 75% attendance and having submitted the Report to the Head of the BIS Office to which the Intern was attached would be issued Certificate of Internship Appendix B.

2.7 The Internship shall neither be considered as employment for the student nor shall it be considered as an assurance for any employment in BIS.

3.2 Terms of Reference

The BIS Office(s)/Departments in BIS desirous of utilizing the Interns should prepare the Terms of Reference for the Projects under the Internship Scheme in the prescribed proforma as at Appendix C.

3.3 Screening Committee

The project proposals received from various Departments/BOs/Labs etc. (on Appendix C) would be screened by the following Committee, with the senior most serving as its Chairperson:

(i) Deputy Director General(Certification)
(ii) Deputy Director General (Policy, Research and Training)
(iii) Deputy Director General(Laboratory)
(iv) Deputy Director General (Standardization – Products and Methods)
(v) Deputy Director General (Standardization – Services)
(vi) Deputy Director General(MSC)
(vii) Deputy Director General(Finance)
(viii) Head (Policy, Research & Training) – Member Secretary

Quorum for the meeting would be 5.

The Committee would examine the project proposals for suitability of consideration under the Internship Scheme and may also suggest suitable modifications in the project proposals, as received. The Committee would recommend the Interns required in each discipline, location and department/RO/BO for a particular financial year and the Institutions to be approached for inviting applications for Internship. The recommendations, along with financial implications would be put up DG, BIS for approval.

3.4 Receipt of Applications/How to Apply

Applications will be invited on prescribed proforma (Appendix D) from the identified Institutions. Inviting applications and their further processing would be done online to the extent possible.

3 Process of Engagement of Interns/ Contact Details

3.1 Policy, Research & Training Department (PRTD), BIS, HQ, New Delhi shall be the nodal department in BIS for the Internship Scheme. All correspondence with PRTD may be done at [email protected].

3.5 Scrutiny of Application

The nodal department in BIS for the Internship Scheme, i.e., Policy, Research & Training Department (PRTD) would do the initial screening of the applications received with respect to the eligibility criteria and completeness of the details filled-in the application proforma. Applications received after the due date, prescribed if any, would be summarily rejected. Further, the applications received in excess of the numbers sought from each institution would be dropped by PRTD following criteria as deemed appropriate, from amongst the applications received from the institute. Details of all applications which are summarily rejected or dropped from consideration would be reported to the Screening Committee.

3.6 Selection of Interns

Applications which are found in order would be screened by the Screening Committee as at 3.3 above which would recommend the select list and the wait list of Interns, on the basis of merit, discipline and preferred location for Internship. In case no application is received or none of the applications received is suitable for any identified project, the Committee may also suggest inviting fresh applications from same or other institutions. The list of Interns will be finalized by DG, BIS, based on the recommendations of Screening Committee.

4 Commencement of Internship and Review

(i) Individual Interns and their respective Institutions would be informed about the selection, including date of commencement and duration of internship, indicating the location of the BIS Office where the Interns have to report and the terms of reference of the project assigned.
(ii) The Intern shall be briefed appropriately about the project, modalities, etc. by the concerned officer of the department whose project has been assigned to the Intern and the Head of the concerned BO under whose jurisdiction the intern will be carrying out the project.
(iii) Conduct, work and performance of the Interns should be reviewed periodically by the Head of the BIS Office under whose jurisdiction the intern will be carrying out the project.
(iv) The Internship would be deemed to be completed only on submission of the project report based on study/survey with suitable recommendations based on analysis of data. The report should be submitted to the BO Head under whose jurisdiction the project was carried out.
(v) The report of the Intern on the project shall be forwarded to the concerned Department/BIS Office whose project was taken up for the Internship for actions as appropriate.

5 Power to Relax

Any of the provisions of this Scheme may be relaxed by Director General, BIS as considered necessary and expedient to do so in the interest of BIS for achieving the objective of the Scheme.

Appendix A

Essential Academic Qualifications

Disciplines Qualification (Students pursuing following or higher academic course in the concerned discipline)
1. Food Technology
2. Agriculture
3. Bio-Technology
4. Dairy Technology
5. Chemical
6. Petro-Chemical
7. Environment
8. Leather
9. Textile Engineering & Fiber Science
10. Electrical
11. Instrumentation
12. Electronics & Telecommunications
13. Computer
14. Civil
15. Architecture & Planning
16. Transport
17. Mechanical
18. Production & Industrial
19. Automobile
20. Mining
21. Bio-medical
22. Metallurgical
23. Plastics
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology.
1. Agriculture
2. Chemistry
3. Bio-Chemistry
4. Microbiology
5. Physics
6. Computer Sciences & Information Technology
7. Economics/Financial Economics/Development Economics
8. Statistics
9. Mathematics
10. Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
Master’s degree in the discipline


Download application format (Appendix D), proforma, certificate, and annexure here

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