Cipla Microbiology Vacancy

Cipla Microbiology Job Vacancies at Goa, Apply Online Now

Team Member – Microbiology

Posting Date: 28 May 2024

Country: India

State: Goa

Location: Goa

Req Id: 84532

Job Purpose

Execute analysis of allocated samples and Produce reliable and reproducible results in order to ensure their compliance to the microbiological quality parameters and predefined specifications and standards


I. Analyse and review samples based on work allocation to meet the service level agreement
II. Report errors, abnormal observations, non-compliances related to procedures, equipment and instruments, and deliver results promptly to facilitate timely action and avoid delay in releases
III. Document entries, raw data and findings concomitantly in relevant test data sheets so as to facilitate the lab QA to review the reports and avoid missed entries
IV. Evaluate & document Instrument / equipment break down and suggest mechanisms to avoid the same

Education Qualification: B.Sc (Microbiology)

Relevant Work Experience: 3-5 years of experience in Microbiology


  • Collaborate to Succeed
  • Innovate to Excel
  • Perform with Accountability
  • Lead with Empathy
  • Act with Agility
  • Strong Domain Knowledge
  • People Management

Job Location: Goa


Keywords: Junior Team Member, Microbiology, Quality, Goa, India, Job Vacancy, Apply Now. Cipla Microbiology Job Vacancies at Goa, Apply Online

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