Bioinformatics Research Specialist Job at Reprocess India - Apply Now

Bioinformatics Research Specialist Job at Reprocess India – Apply Now




  • Minimum 1 year


  • MSc (Bioinformatics / Biotechnology / Genomics / Applied Biology / Genetic Engineering)


  • Minimum 1-year experience in handling NGS wet lab (DNA extraction from blood / FFPE tissues / Library preparation / Thermofisher Ion Torrent S5 sequencer handling).
  • Experience in NGS data management and analysis; familiarity with handling high throughput sequencing data.
  • Knowledge of human genetics, an understanding of genomics and genome glossary, and proficiency with standard bioinformatics and statistics tools, resources, and packages.
  • Preferably knowledgeable in at least one programming language, and comfortable using Linux OS.
  • Ability to read, interpret, and curate scientific literature.

Job responsibility:

  • NGS-based oncology sample analysis (wet lab and data analysis).

Please send your CV to [email protected].
Phone: 9121229284

Note to Applicants: Only eligible candidates are encouraged to send their CVs in the proper forma

t. We kindly request that you avoid spamming multiple applications, as doing so may result in the permanent blacklisting of your CV at our company. This action could restrict your ability to apply for future vacancies within our organization. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a fair and efficient recruitment process. Thank you for your understanding.

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