BioCyTiH Advanced Startup Equity (BASE)

BioCyTiH Advanced Startup Equity (BASE) Program 2024 – Apply Now

The BITS BioCyTiH Foundation has launched the BioCyTiH Advanced Startup Equity (BASE) Program as a part of entrepreneurship development vertical.

BASE offers support to startups and MSME with products that are ready for market launch or have recently entered the market phase. Its main objective is to address the short-term cash flow requirements of these startups as they focus on Bio-Cyber Physical Systems (Bio-CPS) and tackle crucial technical and financial challenges in the healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sectors.

These areas are supported under BASE program:

1. Digital Healthcare
2. Biosensors and Point-of-Care Devices
3. Medical Imaging and Diagnostics
4. Environmental Technologies
5. Agritech
6. Water

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Applications for Cohort 3 of the BASE program are accepted through the link given underneath and participants will be updated in two weeks from application deadline.

For detailed information please download the Program Document from here. Click here

To apply, Click here

For any queries, feel free to contact us on [email protected]

(*Startups that have previously submitted applications will be taken into consideration within the framework of the BASE program.)

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