Abbott Quality Control Executive

Abbott Quality Control Executive Opportunity – BSc, MSc Biotech & Microbiology Apply Online




Abbott India Limited, Verna, Goa


Job title: Post Graduate Trainee- QC

Experience: B.Sc. Microbiology or Biotechnology / M.Sc. Microbiology or Biotechnology (1-4 years)

Job Responsibilities

  1. To follow current GMP, safety & GLP norms in the laboratory testing areas respectively.
  2. Awareness on current guidelines, policies, procedures, and techniques of quality control.
  3. Upkeep of Laboratory with respect to compliance and safety.
  4. To maintain cleanliness and its records in the laboratory.
  5. To perform analysis, recording and release of the Raw materials, Packing Materials, Intermediate samples, finished product, Stability Samples and other miscellaneous incoming samples.
  6. Sampling and analysis of Water and Environmental Monitoring.
  7. Preparation and Maintenance of media.
  8. Preparation of autoclave load and operation of autoclave.
  9. Responsible to maintain lab stock cultures for evaluative testing and make dilutions of stock cultures as required by procedure.
  10. Maintains adequate inventory of media and materials required for testing.
  11. Observing, monitoring and identifying in-house microorganisms.
  12. To participate in the method validation and method transfer activities.
  13. To perform timely calibration, validation, qualification, and preventive maintenance of instrument/ equipment in Laboratory.
  14. To perform OOS, laboratory error and exception investigation.
  15. To prepare SOPs, Protocols, Trends and other QC related documents.
  16. Handling, Operation and maintenance of all computerized system software associated with instruments and documentation.
  17. Responsible for receipt and inward of incoming materials.
  18. Any other work assigned by the Manager/ Section Head.

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