Groundbreaking AI/ML Drug Discovery
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Groundbreaking AI/ML Drug Discovery Platform

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ Aurigene Launches Innovative AI/ML-Assisted Drug Discovery Platform

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ subsidiary, Aurigene, has unveiled a cutting-edge AI/ML-assisted drug discovery platform called Aurigene.AI. This platform integrates advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with Aurigene’s expertise in chemical design, synthesis, and bioassay evaluation to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.


Aurigene.AI, launched by the renowned pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, is designed to revolutionize the process of drug discovery. By combining physics-based simulation, generative and predictive AI models, and Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD), Aurigene.AI empowers researchers to select the most suitable algorithms for their specific drug discovery applications. The platform also boasts a vast database comprising 180 million compounds and 1.6 million validated bioassay data points, continually expanding to serve as valuable training data for the system.

Leveraging AI and ML Capabilities

Aurigene.AI leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to enhance Aurigene’s core competencies in chemical design, synthesis, and bioassay assessment, thereby streamlining the development of innovative therapeutics. Through rigorous validation and testing, discovery scientists at Aurigene have demonstrated a notable 35% reduction in the cycle time from chemical design to synthesis and testing with the application of


Benefits of Aurigene.AI

By integrating AI and ML-based technologies with its existing capabilities, Aurigene aims to accelerate the discovery process for novel therapeutics. Dr. Gayathri Ramaswamy, the Global Head of Discovery Services at Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd., emphasized the platform’s potential to significantly reduce the Drug Metabolism and Toxicology Assay (DMTA) cycle time through a data-driven approach.

Commitment to Innovation

Akhil Ravi, the CEO of Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd., expressed the company’s commitment to advancing its services and providing innovative solutions to global partners. Aurigene.AI represents a significant milestone in the company’s small molecule discovery offerings, embodying a data-centric approach to therapeutic development.

In conclusion, the launch of Aurigene.AI by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ subsidiary, Aurigene, marks a significant leap forward in the field of drug discovery. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Aurigene.AI promises to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of therapeutic development processes, ultimately benefiting healthcare and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

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