Freshers Biology R&D Research Assistant

Freshers Biology R&D Research Assistant Job at Reliance Industries Limited, Apply Now

Research Assistant [81269443]

Posted Date: 08 Mar 2024

Function/Business Area: Research & Development

Location: Jamnagar

Job Responsibilities

  • Carry out assigned technical jobs, such as conducting experiments, maintaining equipment/units in the laboratory/pilot plant, and diligently recording data.
  • Set up reactor assemblies and experimental setups to conduct tests and experiments.
  • Prepare/synthesize samples on a lab scale.
  • Perform structural, textural, and mechanical testing/characterization using relevant equipment such as XRD, Physisorption/Chemisorption unit, TPD, microscopy, thermal analyzer, IR/UV-visible spectrometer, GC, HPLC, etc.
  • Maintain reactors and analytical instruments, including their usage logs, in the laboratory/pilot plant.
  • Maintain records of spares/consumables in the lab and initiate procedures for replenishment.

Education Requirement

  • MSc (preferable) in chemistry/biology

Experience Requirement

  • Fresh to 3 years of experience in an industrial chemical laboratory or QA/QC laboratory.

Skills & Competencies

  • Follow applicable HSE procedures/practices when conducting experiments and ensure compliance by team members.
  • Show a higher level of awareness of environmental, site, statutory, and IP regulations, and adhere to them.
  • Handle chemicals and tools according to safety norms while conducting experiments.
  • Understand the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of chemicals handled during experiments and take appropriate measures to mitigate hazards.
  • Ensure safe working conditions in the laboratory and pilot plant.
  • Maintain good housekeeping at the workplace.

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