Delhi University Summer Internship 2024
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Delhi University Summer Internship 2024 With Rs. 10,000 pm Stipend – Apply Now!


An internship enhances students’ skills by providing experiential learning that combines cognitive knowledge with practical applications. In today’s world, internships blend individual growth with collaboration and foster self-reliance (Atmanirbhar). With recent innovations and changes in educational methods, practical learning in a professional setting is essential for students. To offer short-term exposure and experience to students in different departments, centers, and institutes of the University of Delhi, the Central Placement Cell (CPC) under the Dean of Students’ Welfare at the University of Delhi introduces the Vice Chancellor Internship Scheme (VCIS) for UG and PG levels. This internship initiative is unique as it broadens students’ minds, enhances their skills in their own college or university, and enriches their potential by nurturing research interests and providing valuable work experience.

All expenses and stipends for VCIS will come from the University Student Welfare Fund.

Objectives of VCIS, University of Delhi:

  • It supports the goals of “Samagra Shiksha” (holistic education) as outlined in NEP 2020.
  • It allows young students to engage with university work for mutual benefit.
  • It introduces university students to various departments, centers, and institutes within the University of Delhi.
  • It fosters a sense of belonging among interns within the University system.
  • It connects University of Delhi students to their local community, providing real-world experiences.
  • It trains students in organizing documents and managing available data and resources.
  • It helps students develop professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and expand their mental horizons.
  • It offers students a wide range of opportunities when seeking and applying for jobs after college.
  • It benefits the University of Delhi by instilling a sense of responsibility in interns and strengthening their bond with the University. Young students with innovative ideas, abilities, and problem-solving skills can bring systemic and holistic changes to the University system.

Eligibility for VCIS: All bonafide full-time regular students of the University of Delhi, studying any course or stream at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, can apply for the Summer Internship and Regular Internship programs. The total proposed number of interns in both categories is 200. This number may change periodically after review and recommendation by the Dean of Students’ Welfare, subject to the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi.

Kinds of Internships under VCIS:

  1. Internship
  2. Summer Internship

Period of Internship:

  • Summer internship offered during summer vacation lasts 8 weeks and may include a flexible 15-20 hours per week.
  • Internship during the academic session may involve a flexible 8-10 hours per week.
  • VCIS can be availed by a student only once during their course of study at the University of Delhi.
  • The maximum period of an internship shall not exceed six months from the time of joining under any circumstances.

Please Note:

  • The Vice Chancellor’s Internship Scheme, University of Delhi, will be available throughout the year, depending on the needs of the departments, centers, and institutes of the University of Delhi.
  • The internship will be paid.
  • Interns who do not complete the required period or assigned tasks will not receive any stipend or certificate.
  • Candidates must maintain attendance in their registered UG/PG courses; no relaxation will be given due to the internship.
  • The DSW office reserves the right to edit, amend, add, or review any provisions, schemes, and processes of VCIS at any time, with updates available on the DSW website.
  • The DSW office can cancel the candidature of any intern at any point during the internship if any discrepancy is found.

1. Incentives under VCIS:

  • Experience Certificate: Provided by the Dean of Students’ Welfare at the end of the internship tenure, subject to the appraisal report from the concerned employing departments/centers/institutes.

2. Stipend:

  • Interns: Rs. 5,000 per month.
  • Summer Interns: Rs. 10,000 per month.
  • Stipend will increase by 5% each financial year.

Specific Domains/Areas of Interest under VCIS:

The Vice Chancellor’s Internship Schemes will be extended to all such departments, centers, and institutes of the University of Delhi:

  • Vice Chancellor’s Office/ Pro Vice Chancellor’s Office/ Office of Dean of Colleges/ Director South Campus Office/ Proctor Office/ Office of Dean Students’ Welfare/ Registrar’s Office
  • Libraries and Labs: Central Reference Library, Science Library, Departmental Libraries, Departmental Labs.
  • Administrative Branches: Examination Branch, Admission Branch, Research Council, Sports Council.
  • Equal Opportunity Cell (including readers and writers for visually impaired students).
  • Innovation and Learning Centers: Cluster Innovation Centre, Institute of Lifelong Learning, WSDC, Centre of Global Studies, etc.
  • Other Units: SOL, NCWEB.
  • Any other areas as approved by the competent authority.

Process for Hiring Interns:

The nodal office for facilitating the VCIS at the University of Delhi is the Dean of Students’ Welfare (DSW) office. The DSW office works with various university departments, centers, and institutes to provide them with intern services by following these steps:

  1. Intern Request: Departments, centers, or institutes should send a request letter for hiring interns (Annexure-A) to the DSW office, specifying the job roles and whether the internship is full-time or part-time.
  2. Request Dissemination: The DSW office will share the request on CPC, DSW, and other social media sites to reach students quickly.
  3. Application Form: A Google form (Annexure-B) with all necessary information will be posted on CPC/Spotlight and DSW websites in February and September of each academic year.
  4. Online Registration: Interested applicants can register online, with applications valid for up to six months.
  5. Domain Preference: Students must specify their preferred domains/areas of interest.
  6. Preference Selection: Applicants can select up to three preferences for domains/areas of interest when applying for VCIS.
  7. Required Documents: Applicants must upload a letter of recommendation (LOR) and a no objection certificate (NOC) from their department/college head (Annexure-C).
  8. Application Limit: Students can only apply once per academic year for an internship under VCIS.
  9. Eligibility and Selection: Based on the number of applications, the DSW office will decide the eligibility criteria, the number of applicants, and the screening process.
  10. Selection Process: Shortlisted students for each domain interest will be invited to interact with selection committee members, which include:
    • Dean Students’ Welfare (Chairperson)
    • Proctor/Proctor Nominee
    • Two members nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
    • Joint Dean Students’ Welfare (Member Secretary)
  11. Final Selection: The DSW office will upload the list of selected students on the DSW website.
  12. Joining Letter: The DSW office will provide selected interns with a joining letter (Annexure-D).
  13. Internship Certificate: The issuance of the internship certificate depends on:
    • Successful completion of assigned work.
    • Submission of a training report after completing the internship task (Annexure E).
    • Satisfactory performance evaluation by the head of the concerned office.

Nomenclature of VCIS interns:

Interns may be designated VC Interns to add value to their jobs and services. It is further
suggested to mention the same designation in the certificate/s rewarded after successful
completion of their internship.

LAST DATE For Online Application: 4th MAY 2024

Download annexures here


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