Aganitha Bioinformatics Scientist Job, Computational Biology Eligible - Apply Online

Aganitha Bioinformatics Scientist Job, Computational Biology Eligible – Apply Online

Scientist – Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

Join us and contribute to the discovery of medicines that will impact lives!

Hyderabad, India

About Aganitha

Accelerate drug discovery and development for Biopharma and Biotech R&D with in silico solutions leveraging Computational Biology & Chemistry, High Throughput Sciences, AI, ML, HPC, Cloud, Data, and DevOps.

In silico solutions are transforming the biopharma and biotech industries. Our cross-domain science and technology team of experts is at the forefront of industrializing this transformation. We continuously expand our world-class multidisciplinary team in Genomics, AI, and Cloud computing, speeding up drug discovery and development. What motivates us is the joy of working in an innovation-rich, research-driven startup bridging multiple disciplines to bring medicines faster for human use. We collaborate with several innovative Biopharma companies and are expanding our global client base. Read about how and what solutions we build.

Aganitha (अगणित), meaning “countless” or “limitless” in Sanskrit, serves as a reminder and inspiration of the limitless potential within us. Join us to bring out your best and be limitless!

Key Responsibilities:

Develop and apply AI and computational models in small molecule, monoclonal antibody, gene, and RNA therapy design

and development.

We are particularly interested in Ph.D. and Postdoc candidates who can contribute in the following areas:

  • Conduct disease studies to identify new targets, uncover mechanisms of action, and stratify patient populations using:
    • Single-cell multi-omics (scRNA-seq, Proteomics, Spatial Omics, Epigenomics, etc.)
    • Whole genome sequencing (WGS) and Proteogenomics
    • High-throughput pre-clinical experimentation datasets
  • Perform de novo design, characterization, and optimization of therapeutic candidates in silico using computational omics and chemistry models and AI, including:
    • Antibody engineering
    • RNA design and optimization
    • Viral vector optimization for advanced cell and gene therapies
  • Analyze and optimize bio-synthesis reactions using AI/ML and computational modeling of underlying cellular processes.

Educational Qualifications:

Ph.D. candidates in Computational Biology or a related field.


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