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PI Industries Team Leader Protein Engineering Post For Bioinformatics, Comp Bio, Structural Biology

Team Leader Protein Engineering

PI Industries Ltd · Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

About the job

The role holder shall perform research activities as designing and conducting scientific experiments, analyzing and interpreting results leading to significant value to the business of PI. The role holder shall also functionally guide scientists to carry out enzyme structure-function analysis, improvement and metabolic modeling for desired bioconversions; in accordance with the project timelines and objectives with allocated resources. The role holder shall also support Director in the general operations within the Biotechnology department.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Efficient contribution to the overall success of Process R&D Biotechnology by driving innovation and team performance according to objectives and targets being set by the Director of Biotechnology.
  • Ensuring the security of intellectual property for R&D (patent applications, ensuring freedom-to-operate).
  • Remain at the cutting edge of knowledge required for the new a.i. in crop protection through constant updating of personal knowledge and skill-sets using various means.
  • As part of a Group, support the Director with special focus on target setting, development of strengths, building of knowhow and functional feedback for team members.
  • Work with the team to achieve and exceed targets within the frame given by the Director of Biotechnology.
  • Support Director of Biotechnology in achieving overall department objectives.
  • Keep self and Team updated on the state of the art in Biotechnology development and techniques with specific focus on Biochemistry, enzymology and foster innovation.
  • Continuous documentation and reporting of all research results obtained within the area of responsibility.
  • Carrying out literature search by use of all available tools (Reaxys/Scifinder/Patents etc.), support the line manager in his work, eg. contribute actively to carry out protein modelling, MD simulations, Docking, Protein engineering, identify enzyme candidates and metabolic modeling for the desired bioconversions.
  • Carrying out structure-based protein design for new or improved functions and properties of proteins (e.g. novel enzymatic reaction or enhanced specificity, improved catalytic activity etc.)., while capturing all relevant details of the experimental procedure and related data effectively. Support efforts in conducting protein engineering experiments, including library construction, HTP growth and protein purification
  • Updating the Director on the progress/issues of the project and any relevant kind of lab activities within the team on a regular basis.
  • Collection of data for detailed analysis and giving broad support to Research Project Leaders and Research Project Team members regardless of hierarchy.
  • Experience with interacting & engaging with wet-lab scientists around the design or evaluation of in vitro assays or similar and consequent benefit to delivery on objectives.
  • Constructive and active participations in all technical and functional meetings of the group.
  • Responsible for the Team safety, documentation and reports.

Education & Experience Required:

  • Ph.D. in Computational Biology/Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, or other relevant areas from a reputable university with strong expertise in enzyme structure-function analysis and improvement. Preferably having peer-reviewed papers and/or patents.
  • Strong experience in protein bioinformatics/engineering
  • Knowledge of MATLAB, transcriptome analysis and metabolic modeling will be added advantage


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