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IISc Interdisciplinary PhD Program Brain, Computation and Data Science – Apply Online

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program
Brain, Computation and Data Science
(previously called Brain and Artificial Intelligence)


PhD programme in Brain, Computation, and Data Science

New Phd Programme in Brain and Artificial Intelligence

Who can apply

Anyone with an MSc or equivalent degree in any branch of Sciences or BE/BTech or equivalent degree in any discipline or a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree.

Areas of research

Brain inspired artificial intelligence; machine learning; signal processing; theoretical and computational neuroscience; cellular, systems, and cognitive neuroscience; sensory systems: vision, speech; high-level cognitive processes: learning, attention, decision making; brain machine interfaces; neuromorphic computation, neuromorphic hardware.

Participating departments

Computer Science and Automation | Computational and Data Sciences | Electrical Communication Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Electronic Systems Engineering | Centre for Neuroscience | Molecular Biophysics Unit

Over the past two decades, neurobiologists have made significant conceptual advances in our understandin

g of the brain through technological breakthroughs that have yielded unprecedented opportunities to gather large-scale structural and functional data. On the other hand, over the same period, computer scientists and electrical engineers have developed mathematical techniques and algorithms to address many questions in signal processing, machine learning, and data analytics. These tools are not only helpful in advancing our understanding and emulating of brain function but also are radically transforming many applications in information and communication technologies, with significant implications for biological research methodologies as well.

The rapidly expanding nature of these technical as well as conceptual advances, on both the neurobiological as well as the machine intelligence aspects, has necessitated specialized curricula that seamlessly integrate both disciplines. There is an acute need for students and scientists who understand the biological and engineering sides of this interdisciplinary area, to enable integrated innovation that ensures maximal cross-benefits.

The goal of this Ph.D. program in Brain, Computation, and Data Science (BCD; previously called Brain and Artificial Intelligence) is to train students such that they are able to address significant research questions in brain, computation, and machine intelligence. The theme governing the research training program as well as the projects driving Ph.D. theses would be to blur the boundaries of disciplines, and to provide wholesome training that spans all aspects of this interdisciplinary research area. The broader goal is also to foster synergistic interactions among neurobiologists and computer scientists and electrical engineers that would yield outstanding discoveries and inventions on this important research discipline.

How to Apply

All admissions to IISc are through the IISc admissions portal (see https://www.iisc.ac.in). If you are interested in this program, please select Brain, Computation, and Data Science (BCD) as one of your preferred departments or programs in the online application form. Selection is based on an interview process, and the list of projects and the faculty offering them will be available on this website close to the interview. Please browse through the website on the brain computation thematic group (https://brain-computation.iisc.ac.in/) for all the activities by this interdisciplinary group of faculty within IISc.

The BCD program is geared towards an interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree. There are NO M.Tech/Masters degrees associated with the BCD program.


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