Groundbreaking Research : Rs 100 Cancer Tablet By Tata Institute Set to Revolutionize Cancer Therapy & Save Lives!

Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment: Tata Institute’s Rs 100 Tablet

The Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai has made a groundbreaking discovery in cancer treatment, offering hope to patients worldwide. Let’s explore how their research could revolutionize cancer therapy.

Understanding the Research

The researchers at the Tata Institute found that dying cancer cells release cell-free chromatin particles (cfChPs), which have the potential to turn healthy cells into cancerous ones. These fragments of chromosomes can travel through the bloodstream and trigger the formation of new tumors in healthy cells.

The Magic of R+Cu

To combat this process, the scientists developed a novel tablet known as “R+Cu,” which contains pro-oxidant compounds like resveratrol and copper. When administered orally, R+Cu generates oxygen radicals in the stomach, which quickly enter the bloodstream. These oxygen radicals effectively destroy chromatin particles, thus preventing the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body.

Promising Results

According to Dr. Rajendra Badve, a senior cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital, the R+Cu tablet not only reduces the side effects of traditional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy by 50%, but it also shows promise in preventing cancer recurrence. In fact, the tablet has demonstrated a 30% effectiveness in preventing

cancer for the second time in patients.

Availability and Affordability

Despite the significant advancements in cancer treatment, the tablet is still awaiting approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Once approved, it is expected to hit the market by June-July, offering a cost-effective solution for cancer patients. Priced at just Rs 100, this tablet has the potential to revolutionize cancer care, making it accessible to a wider population.

Future Prospects

While the initial trials have been conducted on rats, human trials are underway and expected to be completed within five years. The researchers remain optimistic about the tablet’s efficacy, particularly in treating cancers of the pancreas, lungs, and oral cavity.

The Tata Institute’s groundbreaking research in cancer treatment opens up new possibilities for patients battling this devastating disease. With the development of the Rs 100 tablet, the institute is poised to make a significant impact on cancer care, offering hope and relief to millions of individuals worldwide.

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