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Bioinformatics Summer Internship 2024 With Hands-On-Training + Project / Dissertation - 30 Days, 3 Months & 6 Months Duration

IISER Pune 2024 Summer Student Programme – Apply Online For Biology Projects

IISER Pune 2024 Summer Student Programme – Apply Online For Biology Projects. IISER Pune Summer Student Programme 2024 Notification. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below.

IISER Pune Summer Student Programme 2024
The Online Registration For The Programme Will be open during 27th February – 10th March

IISER Pune invites applications from research oriented students to participate in its Summer Student Programme, 2024. Successful applicants will have an opportunity to participate in the research programmes of IISER-Pune faculty. Research activities in IISER-Pune span both theory and experiment in biology, chemistry, data science, earth and climate science, mathematics, humanities, physics and Earth sciences with a strong focus on interdisciplinary research. These summer projects are also an opportunity for students to evaluate the suitability of various programmes at IISER-Pune (Integrated PhD and PhD) for future career choice.

This application form is meant for non-IISER Pune students.
This web registration process is not meant for

Summer fellows selected for IISER-Pune through other fellowship programmes like IASc and JNCASR.

Eligibility & Requirements

    1. Students currently (at the time of application) studying in the
        • 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of B.Sc/B.Tech/B.E or equivalent
        • 1st year of M.Sc/M.Tech or equivalent.

2. Minimum 60% (or equivalent) in overall grades, or 80% in the particular stream(s) of interest.

3. Selecting a project for application.

        • browse the list of available projects and identify your project of interest
          Faculty not listed in the above list of available projects WILL NOT be offering any summer projects. Please do not contact them to ask for any projects.
        • You may go through the webpages of the faculty to confirm that your interests overlap, and to obtain an idea of their research methods.
        • Every project has a requirement in terms of knowledge and skills. Please do not apply for a project that you are not equipped to undertake. It will be a waste of your time.
        • If you need further technical information on the project, send a single email to the concerned faculty. Please do not send additional emails in the absence of a response.
        • You may apply for up to 2 projects

4. Project duration: 4-8 weeks during the period Jun 1st – July 21st, 2024.

Applicants must use the web-based registration form on this page (scroll below) to apply for the summer programme
Other Details

    1. IISER-Pune will support the selected summer students with a (free) room in the students’ hostel.
      However, we are unable to provide any financial support to cover the cost of travel and boarding in the hostel mess (about Rs. 6000 per month)
    2. The performance of students will be evaluated at the end of the project and the same conveyed to their parent institute.
    3. The results of the selection process will be conveyed to the students by March 31st
    4. Any query regarding this programme may be addressed to [email protected]
    5. Any problem with the web-based registration process may also be addressed to Ramana Athreya at [email protected]
    6. Please do not contact, either by phone or by email, the concerned faculty for selection information after you have registered
    7. If you wish to modify your application for whatever reason simply re-register with the changed entries. We will only consider your last entry.

Registration Form

registration will open on 27th February

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