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Top 25 Biotech Companies of 2024: A Closer Look at Market Trends and Performances

Understanding the Biotechnology Industry: Even Before we try to figure out Top 25 Biotech Companies

The biotechnology industry has experienced an array of breakthroughs in recent years, with advancements ranging from the development of drugs to combat Alzheimer’s disease to the introduction of CRISPR-based gene editing therapies. However, 2023 marked a significant turning point for the industry as the market capitalization of biotech companies declined for the first time since 2012. This decline was influenced by factors such as the end of pandemic-era surges in financing, decreasing sales of COVID-19 vaccines, and the approaching loss of exclusivity for several drugs. Despite this, the long-term outlook for biotech investments remains positive. Over the past five years, the market cap for the top 25 biotech companies has soared by nearly 78%. In this article, we will explore the top 25 biotech companies of 2024, their market performances, and the key factors affecting their rankings.

Understanding Market Cap and Its Importance for Top 25 Biotech Companies

Market capitalization, or market cap, is a crucial measure of a company’s value and is calculated by multiplying the share price by the

number of outstanding shares. It serves as an indicator of an organization’s size and its potential for growth and profitability. By analyzing the market cap of biotech companies, investors and industry experts can gain valuable insights into the financial health and performance of these organizations.

Financial Performance of Top 25 Biotech Companies in 2024

As of December 8, 2023, the combined market cap of the top 25 biotech companies stood at $1.711 trillion, a 2.2% decrease from the previous year’s market cap of $1.75 trillion. This decline reflects the overall bearish sentiment in the biotech market, driven by multiple factors that negatively impacted the industry. Notably, 16 of the top biotech companies experienced a decline in market cap, while only five outperformed the S&P 500.

Major Losses and Gains Among Top 25 Biotech Companies

Illumina, a leading sequencing giant, faced the largest loss of market cap, witnessing a drastic decline of 41.8% compared to the previous year. Disappointing earnings, regulatory issues, and management changes contributed to the company’s downward spiral. On the other hand, Chugai Pharmaceutical, owned by Roche, experienced the greatest gain in market cap, with a significant increase of 32.7%. Positive developments, including FDA acceptance of its biologics license application and Japanese approvals for specific therapies, propelled Chugai Pharmaceutical up the rankings.

Comparison with the S&P 500 for Top 25 Biotech Companies

While the biotech sector experienced a decline in market cap, the S&P 500 index, which tracks the performance of 500 major U.S. public stocks, rose by 11.8% from May 2, 2023, to December 8, 2023. This highlights the underperformance of the biotech industry compared to the broader market. It is essential to note that most of the top 10 electronic transfer funds (ETFs) reported losses during the same period.

Insights into Biotech ETFs

An analysis of the top biotech ETFs reveals that all 10 reported losses in market cap, with the Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X Shares (LABU) experiencing the most significant decline of 40.2%. On the other hand, the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI) faced the smallest loss, while the iShares Biotechnology ETF (IBB) and ARK Genomic Revolution ETF reported declines of 8.8% and 8.5% respectively.

The Top 25 Biotech Companies of 2024

Rank Company Name Market Cap (Billions) % Change (from May 2023)
1 Novo Nordisk, Nasdaq Copenhagen (NOVO-B) $430.96 ▲ 16.0%
2 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Nasdaq (TMO) $189.20 ▼10.1%
3 Amgen, Nasdaq (AMGN) $143.98 ▲ 14.9%
4 Gilead Sciences, Nasdaq (GILD) $98.41 ▼01.6%
5 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Nasdaq (REGN) $91.51 ▲04.4%
6 Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Nasdaq (VRTX) $90.24 A01.6%
7 CSL, ASX (CSL) $84.82 ▼16.4%
8 Chugai Pharmaceutical, Tokyo SE (4519) $60.86 ▲ 32.7%
9 Daiichi Sankyo, Tokyo SE (4568) $54.33 ▼21.9%
10 Seagen, Nasdaq (SGEN) $41.31 ▲ 10.2%
11 Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine, Shanghai SE (600276) $40.59 ▼12.4%
12 Samsung Biologics, KRX KE (207940) $38.31 ▼13.2%
13 Agilent Technologies, NYSE (A) $37.16 ▼07.3%
14 Sun Pharmaceutical, National SE of India (SUNPHARMA) $35.54 ▲ 23.7%
15 Biogen, Nasdaq (BIIB) $34.68 22.4%
16 WuXi AppTec, Shanghai SE (603259) $31.46 ▲07.3%
17 Moderna, Nasdaq (MRNA) $30.61 ▼39.5%
18 Lonza, SIX Swiss Exchange (LONN) $27.77 ▼37.4%
19 Argenx, Euronext and Nasdaq (ARGX) $26.79 ▲ 22.8%
20 BioNTech, Nasdaq (BNTX) $24.79 ▼21.2%
21 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Nasdaq (ALNY) $21.34 ▼13.5%
22 Genmab, Nasdaq Copenhagen (GMAB) $21.09 ▼23.2%
23 BeiGene, Nasdaq (BGNE) $19.53 ▼29.0%
24 Illumina, Nasdaq (ILMN) $17.93 ▼41.8%
25 Celltrion, Korea Exchange (A068270) $17.73 ▼04.4%

Note: *Seagen is being acquired by Pfizer for $43 billion, under a deal announced March 13, 2023, and is expected to close by “early 2024.”

Top 25 Biotech Companies from Around the World and not Just USA

Out of the top 25 biotech companies, 14 are headquartered outside of the United States, indicating the growing global influence of the industry. Among the international companies, three are based in China, two each in Denmark, Japan, and South Korea, with one in Australia, Germany, India, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. This diverse representation underlines the rapid expansion of biotech beyond traditional boundaries.

Navigating Challenges and Leveraging Opportunities for Top 25 Biotech Companies

Despite the challenges faced by the biotech industry in 2023, the long-term prospects for biotech investments remain positive. While many top biotech companies experienced a decline in market cap, there were also notable successes, reflecting the resilience and innovation within this sector. As the industry continues to evolve, companies must focus on adapting to changing market dynamics and leveraging emerging opportunities to drive growth and deliver groundbreaking solutions.

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