"Discover the Cutting-Edge Biotech Job Opportunity That's Changing the Food Industry!"
"Discover the Cutting-Edge Biotech Job Opportunity That's Changing the Food Industry!"

Novozymes Biotech Food Tech Research Associate Role

Research Associate

Location: Bangalore

Time type: Full time

Posted on: Posted 5 Days Ago

Job Requisition ID: JR100995

Work for a cause, not just a company

Novozymes is the world’s leading provider of industrial enzymes and microorganisms. Together with our customers, partners, and the global community, we use our innovative thinking and passion for science to boost industries and make everyday products more sustainable for the good of the planet. Our biological solutions enable higher agricultural yields, healthy food consumption, low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production, renewable fuel, and many other biological solutions that the world can benefit from – both today and in years to come. We need people who are eager to try new things, motivated by challenge, and not afraid to fail but driven to try again. And again. We know that original thinking happens when we’re given the flexibility to focus and the freedom to fully unfold our individual strengths. This is key to our innovation power. We call it Rethink Tomorrow.

In this role you’ll make an impact by:

  • Finding application of Bio-solutions in the Baking industries that holds key to reduce waste, make the products healthier and sustainable
  • Responsible for conducting customer trials in lab, deliver quality results and technical insights in projects
  • Taking ownership and responsibility of the projects, tasks assigned (technical / non-technical), coordinate with team members, key stakeholders to drive and delivering results
  • Develop/ Establish new methods, SOPs and applications as per business needs
  • Involved in both lab trials and scale up trials in the factories
  • Open to travel when required

Potentially relevant experience:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in food science/ food technology/ food process engineering/ Biotechnology with 3-4 yrs experience in Biscuits/ Baking industry and application lab.
  • Hands on experience in analytical skills to work independently in data handling and developing new methods.
  • Hands on experience in running baking applications trials, recipe development or optimization with understanding on the effect of ingredients. Able to run independent application trials in different types of biscuits, bread and adjacencies.
  • Experience with industrial enzyme applications, New product development, Food processing etc
  • Knows to work with MS office tools for basic data compilation and analysis, derive insights from data that can be communicated to customers

Soft Skills

  • Creative and Fast learner
  • Good Team player
  • Is acceptable to changes
  • Thrive on challenges and enjoy working proactively with other functions
  • Critical thinking skills with attention to details
  • Time-management skills
  • The ability to maintain quality standards, ensuring the integrity of data


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