"Revolutionizing Food Grain Quality in India: SLCM Introduces 31 AI ML Centers - A Game-Changer for Farmers and Traders!"
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AL ML To Revolutionize Food Grain Quality Testing in India – SLCM Introduces 31 AI ML Empowered Centers to Test Food Grain Quality

Introduction to SLCM’s Initiative

Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM) Group, a leading post-harvest Agri logistics player and warehouse service provider in India, has taken a significant step in the agricultural industry with the launch of its physical “Krishi Quality Janch Kendra.” This AI ML empowered solution aims to revolutionize food grain quality checks in India. In the initial phase, SLCM has opened 31 centers across Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, with plans to establish 600 more centers across the country by February 2024.

The Significance of the Initiative

This initiative is a game-changer in the Indian agricultural sector as there are only a few hundred food grain testing centers in the country. By establishing these AI ML empowered centers, SLCM aims to bridge the gap and provide farmers, traders, FPOs, and corporate entities involved in quality checks with easy access to reliable testing facilities.

Features of Krishi Quality Janch Kendra

Krishi Quality Janch Kendra is an extension of SLCM’s flagship Agri Reach QC module. It is the first NABL-accredited food grain quality check mobile app in India. The

app is designed to maximize the benefits for all stakeholders by providing a comprehensive digital platform that includes quality checks, warehouse management solutions, Agri eco-system listing, and a third-party platform for commodity buyers and sellers to connect. This integration of physical centers with digitization strengthens the phygital ecosystem introduced by SLCM.

Advantages of the Centers

At the newly-introduced centers, a facilitator will scan and generate quality check reports for grains within 1 to 4 minutes. This eliminates the need for farmers and traders to travel long distances and spend hours at testing centers. The centers have been strategically opened in major marketplaces to ensure easy access for farmers and traders. The quality check reports generated at these centers are NABL accredited, ensuring accurate and trustworthy testing with reduced turnaround time. This not only saves time but also helps stakeholders save money. Additionally, the quality check reports provide an accurate valuation of the crops, enabling farmers to get the best price for their produce.

Expansion Plans

With the successful implementation of the initial phase, SLCM plans to expand the initiative to reach a larger part of the Indian agricultural community. Over 600 centers will be established across 200 locations, covering the length and breadth of the country. This expansion will ensure that farmers and agricultural communities across all areas have access to the facility.

SLCM’s introduction of 31 AI ML-empowered centers for food grain quality checks is a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of quality testing in the Indian agricultural sector. By providing easy access to reliable testing facilities, this initiative aims to empower farmers and traders and ensure fair prices for their produce. With plans to establish more centers across the country, SLCM is committed to revolutionizing the agri industry in India.

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