PhD Microbiology Biotech Freshers

PhD Microbiology / Biotech Freshers Job

Company: Zydus Life Science

Role: Fermentation Biotechnology R&D at Ahmedabad.

Eligibility: Looking for Fresh PhD candidates with Microbiology/Biotechnology

Requirements: Must have theoretical understanding along with hands-on experience in the fermentation process during PhD.

Area of expertise – Upstream- Microbiology and Fermentation

How To Apply?

Interested candidates pls, share your CV with [email protected]


VERY IMPORTANT: Sending a resume to a Human Resources (HR) email address and applying for a job you are not eligible for can have several negative outcomes, including getting BLACK LISTED. It’s important to be mindful of the potential consequences of such actions.

Company Overview: Join Zydus Life Sciences, a leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology company committed to improving global health through innovative research and development. With a strong emphasis on fostering talent, Zydus Life Sciences offers an exciting opportunity for Fresh PhD candidates in Microbiology/Biotechnology to contribute to cutting-edge Fermentation Biotechnology R&D projects.

PhD Microbiology / Biotech Freshers

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