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INTRODUCTION Recognizing the barriers that hinder women’s participation in STEM careers and leadership positions, Grand Challenges India (GCI)-Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and WomenLift Health are launching a leadership development program exclusively for women called Women’s Leadership in STEM (WLS). The program aims to expand the power and influence of talented women in STEM and catalyse a systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership.

KEY FEATURES OF THE CALL The leadership development program has been designed as a part-time program that can be accommodated alongside a fulltime position. Through this program, a cohort of 20 women professionals will be selected who will interact for three fully-funded residential leadership workshops spanning 5 days each in a year.

The residential workshops will include elements such as,

  1. Leadership Assessments: These are developmental tools that provide meaningful data on understanding one’s leadership traits, identify strengths to leverage, set short- and long-term development goals, and make the most of the current challenges and opportunities.
  2. Coaching: An executive coach will be paired with cohort members, who will work one-on-one with them to build on their strengths and address areas for growth. Leadership style assessments will inform these conversations and enhance each participant’s understanding of their own leadership skills. With this feedback and support from their coach, participants can decide which leadership competencies to focus on, paving the road for them to be a more powerful and effective leader.
  3. Access to Mentorship: Effective women leaders are championed by a strong support network, including mentors. We identify senior-level leaders from the STEM disciplines to serve as mentors to the cohort. Mentoring groups comprised of multiple participants and one mentor, are formed based on complementary backgrounds and professional trajectories. Participants will be able to rely on their mentor as a technical and career resource through the programme.

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WHO CAN APPLY? The prerequisites to apply for Women Leadership in STEM includes,

  • The applicant should identify as a woman.
  • Work in STEM research, policy, or practice from government organizations (both Central and State), UGC recognised universities, public sector organisations, private organisations, autonomous institutions, research institutions.
  • Are a mid-career professional with a minimum of 10-25 years of experience in STEM field.
  • Are an Indian National and reside and work within India.

HOW TO APPLY? Applications are required to be submitted online only. For scheme details and submission of the application, please log on to BIRAC website (

For queries, please contact: Contact details:

ANNOUNCEMENT DATE | LAST SUBMISSION DATE Announcement Date: 27-10-2023 Last Submission Date: 20-12-2023 04:00 PM


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