"Unlock Your Dream Job in Agricultural Sciences at Bayer: Seed Physiology Analyst II - Apply Now!"
"Unlock Your Dream Job in Agricultural Sciences at Bayer: Seed Physiology Analyst II - Apply Now!"

Bayer Agricultural Sciences Analyst Job – Apply Online

Seed Physiology Analyst II

Job Purpose:

As a team leader, the Seed Physiology Analyst II will manage the functioning of the Quality Control lab, specifically dealing with Germination, Vigor, and Physical Purity. This role will involve documentation, communication, and implementation of Quality Management Systems and Lab Validation processes. Additionally, the Seed Physiology Analyst II will support the implementation of GTD projects related to seed physiology.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Planning and execution of Standard Germination, Useable Transplant, Soil Germination, and Field Emergence Tests according to set protocols.
  2. Execute Vigor tests such as Soil Cold Test, Radical Emergence Test (RET), Cool germination, Saturated Salt Accelerated Aging (SSAA) tests as per requirements and standard protocols.
  3. Review results to make decisions for dormancy test and execute seed viability test Tetrazolium Test to support business.
  4. Resource planning and management, including lab chemicals, lab supplies, lab instrument maintenance, calibration, and validation.
  5. Timely updating of QC test results in SAP as per MDD, communication, and regular maintenance of QC data backup.
  6. Execute One PSS to bring operational efficiency and behavioral-based improvements.
  7. Execute GTD projects based on project timelines.
  8. Work with Seed Production Innovation (SPI) teams for validation and implementation of new physiological test protocols.
  9. Network with Global SPI network and participate in operations call.
  10. Preparation of training modules, review of test procedures, and translation to local language.
  11. Train seasonal and laboratory employees to perform with desired precision and efficiency.
  12. Execute/participate in Lab Validation Tests like Seed Check, Attribute Analysis (Blind test), Gage R&R, Local/Regional/Global Ring tests, and ISTA Proficiency tests.
  13. Participate in Continual Improvement projects and implement best practices.
  14. Sustenance of QMS, EMS, ETS, and Laboratory management systems.

Key Working Relations:

  1. Seed Production Innovation Team
  2. Product Supply, Product Management
  3. Procurement, Production Research, Plant Operations, Logistics, Finance, Customer Care
  4. Quality Assurance Row & Veg crops, Agronomy, Regulatory, Breeding, Biotech, Quality Control, and IT teams

Who You Are:

  1. PhD in Agriculture, Plant Physiology, Seed Science & Technology.
  2. Minimum 2-3 years of experience in QA Lab Management with People Management Experience.
  3. Operating & Capital Expenditure of Labs.
  4. Inventory Evaluations for usage/junk decision.
  5. People Development.

Bayer does not charge any fees for the recruitment process. Please do not entertain any demand for payment in connection with recruitment with any Bayer Group entity(ies) worldwide.

Please be cautious of unsolicited email or job advertisements that do not end with the domain name “bayer.com”. For authenticity verification of such emails or advertisements, please contact us at [email protected].

Your Application:

Bayer is an equal opportunity employer that strongly values fairness and respect at work. We welcome applications from all individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, physical characteristics, disability, sexual orientation, etc. We are committed to treating all applicants fairly and avoiding discrimination.

Location: India: Telangana: Hyderabad
Division: Crop Science
Reference Code: 801553

Contact Us: + 022-25311234


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