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M K Bhan-Young Researcher Fellowship Program 2023-24 (MKB-YRFP)

M K Bhan-Young Researcher Fellowship Program 2023-24 (MKB-YRFP). Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

1. ABOUT THE SCHEME: The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, had launched a new grant opportunity in 2020-21, the M K BHAN – YOUNG RESEARCHER FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME (MKB-YRFP), with an aim to encourage young bright researchers to continue their research in the country after Ph.D. The scheme is to offer an independent research grant to young Post-Doctoral Fellows, so as to enable them to emerge as future leaders and take up cutting edge research focused on issues of national relevance. This fellowship will be awarded for Research work to be carried out at DBT-Autonomous Institutes only.


(i) To provide attractive opportunities to young researchers for developing them as independent investigators.

(ii) This will enable young researchers to pursue their research interests within the country and also develop a critical mass of trained scientists for the country’s research institutions, universities, and major new initiative.


(i) The applicant should be an Indian National

and possess a Ph.D. in any branch of Life Sciences/Biotechnology/allied areas.

(ii) Applicant should not be holding a permanent position in any institute/university.

(iii) The applicant should have an excellent track record as evident by peer-reviewed publications, technologies developed, patent (if any). Those who have submitted their Ph.D. are also eligible to apply; however, the fellowship can be implemented only after the award of the degree. The applicant should not take up the fellowship at the Institute where he/she has done his/her Ph.D.

(iv) Each applicant must identify a host institute and a mentor.

(v) The upper age limit will be 35 years as of the closing date of the submission of the application.

(vi) Applicants cannot have more than one fellowship at a given point of time.

(vii) The application has to be endorsed by the mentor and the head of the host institute (DBT Autonomous Institute) chosen by the applicant to take up the fellowship in the prescribed format.

(viii) In case a fellow is accepted for a regular position in the DBT autonomous institute, the salary component of the fellowship will be discontinued from the date of joining the position; however, other components of the fellowship will be continued for the remaining tenure of the fellowship.

(ix) The fellowship is co-terminus with the project duration.


(i) The scheme provides a consolidated monthly remuneration of Rs. 75,000/- p.m.

(ii) MKB-YRFP fellows, in addition, will receive a research/contingency grant of Rs. 20.00 lakh per year for hiring manpower, the purchase of consumables, minor equipment, domestic travel, and other contingent expenditure to be incurred for the implementation of the research proposal selected for the fellowship.

(iii) MK Bhan fellow can engage one manpower (JRF/SRF/Project Assistant/Project Associate) under him/her. Capital equipment will be procured in the name of the institute where the fellow proposes to work, and the value of the whole set of the equipment should not exceed Rs. 10.00 lakh during the whole tenure of the project.

(iv) MKB-YRFP fellows will be eligible for regular research grants through extra mural and other schemes of various S&T agencies of the Govt. of India, provided that Co-PI is a regular faculty. However, they can take research grants from anywhere but salary from only one source.


(i) MKB-YRFP Fellows can take up the Young Investigator grant at any of the DBT-Autonomous institutions. However, the application should be duly forwarded by the competent authority of the host Institute. Fellows can change their host institute only once during the tenure of the fellowship with the prior No Objection Certificate from the host institute who has forwarded the application (Director/Registrar). The proposed new institute should also be a DBT Autonomous Institute.

(ii) Candidates should submit their nomination through a single host institute only. However, institutions can nominate more than one candidate.


(i) Up to 50 fellowships will be provided each year. The duration of the fellowship will be for a maximum period of three years, and in exceptional cases, the duration could be extended by another two years on a fresh appraisal.


(i) Eligible applicants should submit an application as per the prescribed proforma to DBT duly forwarded by the Host Institute (DBT AIs only) where they intend to take up the fellowship.

8. MODE OF SELECTION (i) A national-level Selection Committee constituted by the Department of Biotechnology for the purpose will select the final candidates for MKB-YRFP.

9. Financial Support


Description Amount Comments and Notes
Equipment and accessories Up to an amount of Rs. 10.00 lakh (mostly in the first year)



Fellowship Rs. 75,000 per month for 3 years
One manpower
Contingencies & Travel
(Travel expenditure is to be
restricted up to Rs. 50000/-
per year.)
Rs. 10.00 lakh per year (first
year), Rs 20.00 lakh/year
(subsequent years)
Manpower salary will be as per
recent DST O.M./Government of
India rule



(i) A letter from the mentor, giving consent to provide laboratory space where the applicant desires to work, should be enclosed with the application. The laboratory should be able to support major needs of the project.

(ii) Fellows are not entitled to any kind of salary during the fellowship. If during the fellowship, the fellow finds a regular employment in DBT AIs or receives any other fellowship, he/she should immediately inform the DBT. In that case, the fellow can avail only the manpower, consumable, travel, and equipment components of the fellowship. If the fellow accepts a permanent position in other than DBT AIs, he/she needs to opt out of the MKB-YRFP fellowship.

(iii) The financial transactions of the award program will be handled by the host institute, which will be responsible for submitting the Utilization certificate (UC) and Statement of Expenditure (SE) every financial year.

(iv) Each Institute will be sanctioned a consolidated budget for the number of fellows selected for each Institute. The budget will include the Fellowship amount and Contingency/Research Grant.

(v) The awardees will be the corresponding author for any publication emanating as a result of the research carried out on account of the award. The mentor and others could be co-authors. The support of DBT should be suitably acknowledged in the publications (papers, reports, etc.) arising out of the research work done under this award program.

(vi) The Fellow will submit an annual progress report through the Host Institute.

(vii) Institute will constitute an Expert Review Committee to review the scientific work done by the Fellow and submit minutes of the Review Committee to the DBT along with UC/SE.

(viii) A mentor can endorse only one application each year. A DBT-AI can forward/endorse any number of applications to DBT for consideration.


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