KWIK Scholarship For Biotech

KWIK Scholarship For Biotech & Life Science UG & PG Students

Dear Future Researcher,

I have some critical questions for you! 

Q1. Are you getting suitable jobs after your graduation or postgraduation?

Q2. Do You Think you Have enough skills and hands-on training that most Biopharma companies demand?

Q3. Do You know that Internships in any form are considered as experienced by many biopharma companies when they hire freshers?

In my 17 years of experience in this biotech industry, I usually get a NO from candidates for the above questions because most are not ready yet. 

To help & guide future researchers like you, Biotecnika Launched the KWIK Scholarship – A 360 Degree Package To Solve All Your career related problems.

Register Now To Avail yourself of a Grand Opportunity To Get a FREE Bioinformatics Winter Internship & Coding For Biologist

The Kariko Weismann Innovation & Knowledge Scholarship – KWIK Scholarship is a comprehensive package that offers unparalleled support to students interested in research careers at unprecedented low costs. KWIK Scholarship For Biotech & Life Science UG & PG Students.

The KWIK Scholarship offers a grand opportunity for aspiring biologists and bioinformatics enthusiasts to take their careers to new heights

. With the promise of a Bioinformatics Winter Internship, Coding for Biologist Training, and a host of additional benefits, becoming a KWIK Scholar is a pathway to excellence in the fields of biology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. In this article, we will explore the various components of the KWIK Scholarship and why you should consider applying for it.

Become a KWIK Scholar To Get FREE Bioinformatics Winter Internship & Coding For Biologist

Why You Should Become a KWIK Scholar?

The KWIK Scholarship provides a unique opportunity to gain essential skills, hands-on experience, and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving fields of bioinformatics and biotechnology. As a KWIK Scholar, you will have access to the following key components:

KWIK Scholarship = 1 year Coaching + 3 Hands-On Internships + Wet lab Training + Networking + 12 Workshops + 4 certification Courses + Job Placement + Paper Publications + Recommendation Letter

  1. GET FREE Access To Bioinformatics Winter Internship: Starts 5th Dec 2023
    • Delve into the future of biology with a hands-on internship, learning over 30 computational tools and cutting-edge software.
    • Run live projects to gain practical experience in the application of bioinformatics tools.
    • Connect with accomplished global bioinformatics experts for mentorship.
    • Bioinformatics Winter Internship Price is Rs 6995. Get it for free as a Kwik scholar.
  2. GET FREE Access To Coding for Biologist Training: Starts 20th Nov 2023 
    • A 15-day immersive program providing hands-on training in Python, R, BioPython, and CADD Biological Data Analysis.
    • Master essential coding skills tailored for biologists to bridge the gap between biology and technology.
    • The program commences on 20th Nov 2023.
    • Coding for Biologist Training price is 4499, get it for free as a Kwik scholar
  3. Additional KWIK Scholar Benefits:
    • 1-Year Coaching for Competitive Exams: Rigorous coaching for competitive exams, including CSIR NET, GATE, CUET, IIT JAM, and GAT B, led by industry experts.
    • CRISPR mRNA Internship: Unique hands-on experience in the world of CRISPR and mRNA, combining virtual and real-world training.
    • Bioinformatics Global Tools Internship: Sharpen analytical skills through this internship focused on bioinformatics and the use of computational tools.
    • Coding for Biologist Internship: Gain insights into the importance of coding in biological research through a comprehensive internship.
    • Wet Lab Hands-On Training: Conduct wet lab experiments at IISc and JNU incubated labs in Bangalore & Delhi.
    • 12 Months of Access to Workshops: Stay updated with the latest developments through global and national workshops conducted by Biotecnika.
    • Paper Publication Assistance: Guidance and support from Biotecnika’s team to publish research papers.
    • Networking Sessions: Connect with industry professionals and potential employers to accelerate job search and career advancement.
    • Direct Access to Coaching Experts: Personalized guidance and Q&A sessions with experts, including Shekhar sir, via WhatsApp.
    • 4 Free Certification Courses: Choose four certification courses from a wide range of offerings, worth Rs 6,000, included in the scholarship.
    • Job Placement Assistance: Prepare for a promising future with job placement assistance.
    • Recommendation Letter: Receive a recommendation letter to strengthen your professional profile. KWIK Scholarship For Biotech & Life Science UG & PG Students.

Apply For the KWIK Scholarship Now

Why Apply for the KWIK Scholarship?

  • Skill Enhancement: The KWIK Scholarship offers a unique blend of training, internships, and certifications that will enhance your skills and make you highly competitive in the job market. Whether you aspire to become a researcher, data analyst, or a biotech professional, the skills you acquire through this scholarship will be invaluable.
  • Networking Opportunities: Through networking sessions and direct access to coaching experts, you will have the chance to connect with industry professionals and potential employers. Building a strong professional network is essential for career growth, and the KWIK Scholarship provides ample opportunities for networking.
  • Publication Support: The guidance and support provided for publishing research papers can be a significant boost to your academic and professional profile. It’s an excellent opportunity to share your findings with the scientific community.
  • Flexible Certification Courses: The four free certification courses of your choice allow you to tailor your education to your specific interests and career goals. These courses, worth Rs 6,000, are included in the scholarship, saving you additional expenses.
  • Job Placement: The KWIK Scholarship not only equips you with valuable skills but also offers job placement support. With the right skills and connections, you’ll be well on your way to securing a promising career in biopharma and biotech.

The KWIK Scholarship is a golden opportunity for individuals passionate about biology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics to unlock their potential and excel in their chosen fields. With hands-on training, internship opportunities, networking, and a host of additional benefits, becoming a KWIK Scholar is a step toward a promising future in biopharma and biotech. Don’t miss out on this chance to accelerate your career and make a meaningful impact in the world of biology and technology. Apply for the KWIK Scholarship today and embark on your journey to excellence.

KWIK Scholarship For Biotech & Life Science UG & PG Students

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