ACG Capsules QC Microbiology Job Opening - Apply Online
"Exciting Opportunity: Join ACG as a Quality Control Microbiologist in Dahanu, India!"
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ACG Capsules QC Microbiology Job Opening – Apply Online

PGT- Quality Control-Lab Microbiologist, ACG Capsules (Quality) 1 1

Company: ACG

Location: Dahanu, India

Primary Responsibilities

  • Plan for sampling & testing of raw materials, finished products, in-process samples, swabs, air and water, stability samples as per the given QC plans and customer specifications for microbiological testing and monitoring.
  • Sampling and Environmental monitoring
  • Analysis and reporting (including SAP entry and COA)
  • Trending, Investigation and CAPA for microbiological failures
  • Surveillance for microbiology compliance
  • Calibration and validation (testing support, laboratory equipment qualification, method validation, disinfectant validation)
  • GLP and documentation, laboratory facility maintenance
  • Release of raw material (in absence of QC Head)
  • Preparation of Microbial SOPs and STPs
  • Participate in various quality improvement programs and organizational initiatives
  • Isolation and identification of isolates and maintenance of standard culture

Key Result Areas

  • Perform complete Microbiological testing
  • Lay down systems and practices for ensuring FTR, microbiological quality of products
  • In order to ensure production and delivery of microbial compliant capsules

Key Interfaces

Internal Interfaces:

QA, Production, PFD, Store, IQC

External Interfaces:

All Vendors which are included in our day to day activity.

Educational and Experience Requirements

  • Timely completion and reporting of all Microbiological testing to enhance smooth production activity
  • No external failures for microbiology
  • No non-compliance in internal and external audits
  • Improvement in microbiology trends

Technical Competencies & Personas

  • Has the candidate displayed any of the Values (Caring/Collaborative/Progressive) during the discussions?
  • Basic knowledge of Pharmacopoeia requirements for microbiological testing
  • Good in Microsoft office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Knowledge of Microbiological Aseptic testing techniques
  • In-depth knowledge on Capsules, product quality parameters, and Lab testing

Quality & Regulatory Requirements

– Quality Requirement (Manufacturing)


  • Persona-Builder
  • Persona-Entrepreneur
  • Persona-Innovator
  • Persona-Integrator
  • Persona-Nurturer
  • Persona-Partner

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