"Groundbreaking Biotech Secures $37M to Fight Superbugs - Former CureVac CEO Joins the Team!"
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Title: LimmaTech, an Anti-Microbial Resistance Biotech, Secures $37M in Funding with Former CureVac CEO Franz-Werner Haas at the Helm

LimmaTech, a bacterial infection spinout from GSK, has recently secured $37 million in funding. The financing round was led by Adjuvant Capital, AXA IM Alts, and the Novo Holdings REPAIR Impact Fund. This significant investment will support LimmaTech in scaling its operations and furthering its mission to combat antimicrobial resistance.


LimmaTech was founded in 2015 and has since been focused on developing innovative solutions to address antimicrobial resistance. The biotech company has recently appointed Franz-Werner Haas, former CEO of CureVac, as its new CEO. Haas brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the biotech industry, and under his leadership, LimmaTech aims to chart its own path outside of its research collaboration with GSK.

Securing $37M in Funding:

The recent financing round, which raised $37 million, marks a significant milestone for LimmaTech. This infusion of capital will enable the company to expand its research and development efforts, accelerate the development of its pipeline, and bring its groundbreaking solutions to market. The funding was led by Adjuvant Capital, a prominent healthcare-focused investment firm, along with participation from AXA IM Alts and

the Novo Holdings REPAIR Impact Fund.

Importance of Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance:

Antimicrobial resistance has become a pressing global issue, with bacteria becoming increasingly resistant to existing antibiotics. This phenomenon threatens to render many common infections untreatable, resulting in severe public health consequences. LimmaTech’s focus on developing new treatments for bacterial infections is therefore of paramount importance in combating this urgent healthcare challenge.

LimmaTech’s Innovation and Potential Impact:

LimmaTech’s innovative approach to addressing antimicrobial resistance holds promise for addressing this critical issue. The company’s research and development efforts are centered around developing novel therapies that can overcome bacterial resistance and provide effective treatment options. By securing significant funding, LimmaTech is poised to accelerate its mission to develop life-saving interventions and contribute to the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Future Plans and Scaling Operations:

With the new funding in place, LimmaTech is now well-positioned to scale its operations. The company plans to expand its team of researchers and scientists, enhance its infrastructure, and accelerate the development of its pipeline. LimmaTech is dedicated to advancing its discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.

LimmaTech’s recent achievement in securing $37 million in funding is a testament to the company’s potential to address the urgent issue of antimicrobial resistance. With Franz-Werner Haas at the helm, the biotech firm is poised to make significant advancements in the field of bacterial infection treatment. By developing innovative solutions and scaling its operations, LimmaTech aims to play a crucial role in combating antimicrobial resistance and improving global healthcare.

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