Research Associate Job at Jubilant Biosys For MSc Candidates

Research Associate Job at Jubilant Biosys For MSc Candidates.

Jubilant Biosys Limited provides comprehensive drug discovery services and contract research services. Jubilant Biosys is hiring candidates for Senior Research Associate in Discovery Biology Dept. Research Associate Job at Jubilant Biosys For MSc Candidates. Interested Candidates can check out the details below and Apply Online.

Job title: Senior Research Associate I – Invitro, Discovery Biology.

Job Location: Bangalore, Karnataka,  India

Job Company: Jubilant Biosys Limited

Job Category: Research & Development

Job Type: Full Time

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Cell based assay development (optimization, validation and compound screening) under the Group leaders’ guidance.
• Biochemical assay development (optimization, validation and compound screening)
• Invitro assay development, validation and optimization of cell based assay and biochemical based assay for various targets in the respective therapeutic areas such as CNS/ Metabolic disorder/ Autoimmune/Inflammatory diseases/ Pain/Oncology in Drug Discovery field.
• Working extensively in the area functional cell based assays, validated the same to determine the activity of new chemical entities (NCEs).
• Responsible for writing of Protocols, uploading of the data, Lab note book record keeping. SOP writing.
• Analysis of experimental data using Graph pad PRISM (statistical Analysis Software) for IC50 and graphs

• Designing experiments, execution, calculations, data analysis, graphical representations, report results to project teams.
• Follow the guidelines followed in the lab towards different safety aspects and help the lab head in designing the new guidelines.
• Follow ethical guidelines towards assay validation, data analysis and maintenance.
• Working in a team environment in order to deliver at a faster pace.
• Working as team player.

Experience Requirement: 2 to 8 yrs in a drug discovery industry/ CRO in invitro Research.

• Working experience of Tissue culture and cell culture Techniques
• Hands on experience in designing and execution of in vitro assays in CNS / Metabolic disorder/ Autoimmune/ Inflammatory diseases/ Pain/Oncology therapeutic area in Drug Discovery field.
• Skilled in handling mammalian cell lines.
• Expertise in western blotting, ELISA, FACS.

Qualification: Masters in Biology/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Genetics/Any life sciences stream.


Here are five interview questions and sample answers for a Senior Research Associate position in Discovery Biology at Jubilant Biosys Limited:

1. Question: Can you describe your experience with cell-based assay development and optimization, specifically in the context of drug discovery projects?

Answer: In my previous role at [Previous Company], I was actively involved in the development and optimization of cell-based assays for drug discovery projects. For example, I worked on a project related to CNS therapeutics where I successfully optimized a cell-based assay to screen potential compounds for activity against a specific target. This involved selecting appropriate cell lines, establishing assay conditions, and validating the assay’s reliability. I believe my experience in this area will be valuable for contributing to similar projects at Jubilant Biosys.

2. Question: What techniques and methodologies have you used for biochemical assay development, and how have you validated these assays for compound screening?

Answer: During my tenure at [Previous Company], I gained hands-on experience in designing and validating biochemical assays for various therapeutic areas, including Inflammatory diseases and Pain. I followed established protocols and used techniques such as ELISA and western blotting to optimize and validate these assays. For instance, I conducted dose-response experiments to determine the IC50 values for compounds and used statistical analysis software like GraphPad Prism for data analysis. This ensured the accuracy and reliability of the assays for compound screening purposes.

3. Question: Can you provide an example of a challenging project where you had to work collaboratively within a team to meet project goals?

Answer: In a previous project focused on Autoimmune diseases, I collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to evaluate the efficacy of potential drug candidates. My role involved conducting cell-based assays and analyzing the data. One of the challenges we faced was optimizing the assay to replicate in vivo conditions accurately. To overcome this challenge, I actively communicated with team members from different departments, including medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, to align our efforts. Ultimately, our teamwork led to the successful identification of a promising lead compound.

4. Question: How do you ensure compliance with safety and ethical guidelines when conducting experiments and handling sensitive data in a laboratory setting?

Answer: Safety and ethics are paramount in any laboratory environment. I adhere to strict safety protocols by following guidelines for handling hazardous materials, maintaining proper lab attire, and regularly participating in safety training programs. Regarding ethical considerations, I ensure data integrity by accurately recording experimental details in lab notebooks and following established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). I also understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and only sharing data with authorized team members to protect sensitive information.

5. Question: Can you discuss a situation where you had to troubleshoot and resolve issues during an assay development project?

Answer: In a recent project related to Oncology, I encountered an issue where the assay results were inconsistent and didn’t meet the desired criteria. To address this, I systematically reviewed the assay protocol, re-evaluated the reagents, and performed additional quality control experiments. It turned out that there was a variation in cell culture conditions affecting the assay outcome. I made necessary adjustments to the cell culture techniques and assay protocols, which led to improved consistency and reliable results. This experience highlighted my problem-solving skills and attention to detail in troubleshooting complex assay issues.

These sample questions and answers should help you prepare for an interview for the Senior Research Associate position at Jubilant Biosys Limited. Make sure to customize your responses based on your specific experiences and achievements.

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