Research Associate at Medpace

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Job position: Clinical Research Associate

Job Location: India-TTC, Thane Belapur Road

Job Summary: 

Our successful Clinical Research Associates possess varied backgrounds in medical and other science-related healthcare fields.  Individuals who have succeeded in the CRA role include:

  • Nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Pharmaceutical/Device Sales Representatives
  • Biotech Engineers
  • PhD/Pharm.D candidates
  • Health and Wellness Coordinators
  • Research Assistants.


No research experience is needed as Medpace provides comprehensive initial and ongoing training, unmatched by other CROs.  Through our PACE® Training Program, you will join other  Professionals Achieving CRA Excellence:

  • PACE® provides the platform to effectively and confidently carry out your duties, enhance your current abilities and ultimately help you become a high-functioning independent Medpace CRA.
  • PACE® will prepare you by developing your CRA skills through interactive discussions and hands on job-related exercises and practicums.
  • To supplement your in-house and field-based training you may also participate in other clinical research departmental core rotations, learning other aspects of the drug/device development and approval process.


This role takes you on a journey through travel and excitement which will allow you to make a difference on a large scale through the enhancement

of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  The CRA position provides many other distinctive advantages including:

  • Dynamic working environment, with varying responsibilities day-to day
  • Expansive experience in multiple therapeutic areas
  • Work within a team of therapeutic and regulatory experts
  • Defined CRA promotion and growth ladder with potential for mentoring and management advancements
  • Competitive pay and opportunity for significant travel bonus

Home-based option available for CRA for more than 1 year of monitoring experience

Responsibilities for Research Associate at Medpace : 

As a CRA, you will specifically be responsible for the following:

  • Conduct qualification, initiation, monitoring, and closeout visits for research sites in compliance with the approved protocol;
  • Communication with the medical site staff including coordinators, clinical research physicians and their site staff;
  • Verifying adequate investigator qualifications, training and resources, including facilities, laboratories, equipment, and staff;
  • Medical record and research source documentation verification against case report form data, including informing the site staff of any entry errors, ensuring good documentation practices are being adhered to and communicating  protocol deviations appropriately per SOPs, GCP and applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Verification that the investigator is enrolling only eligible subjects;
  • Regulatory document review;
  • Medical device and/or investigational product/drug accountability and inventory;
  • Verification and review of adverse events, serious adverse events, concomitant medications and corresponding illnesses to confirm accurate data reporting in accordance with the protocol;
  • Assessing the clinical research site’s patient recruitment and retention success and offering suggestions for improvement;
  • Completion of monitoring reports and follow-up letters, which includes providing summaries of the significant findings, deviations, deficiencies,  and recommended actions to secure compliance.

Qualifications for Research Associate at Medpace :

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 2 to 4 years of experience as a Clinical Research Associate;
  • Willing to travel approximately 60-80% nationally;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft® Office; and
  • Strong communication and presentation skills a plus.

Overview for Research Associate at Medpace :

Medpace is a full-service clinical contract research organization (CRO). We provide Phase I-IV clinical development services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our mission is to accelerate the global development of safe and effective medical therapeutics through its scientific and disciplined approach. We leverage local regulatory and therapeutic expertise across all major areas including oncology, cardiology, metabolic disease, endocrinology, central nervous system, anti-viral and anti-infective. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, employing more than 5,000 people across 40+ countries.

When you join Medpace, you become part of a team dedicated to supporting the development of ground-breaking drugs and devices. Our employees provide hope for those living with debilitating diseases. We invite you to be a part of something that is impacting millions of people around the globe while enjoying a competitive total compensation and benefits package and internal growth opportunities.

Organic Growth: Medpace is continuing to grow in all areas globally and has built an expansive research campus at its headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. In 2020, Medpace opened a new seven story building that is approximately 250,000 SQFT. In total, the headquarter’s campus includes five buildings and approximately 600,000 SQFT. The company also has expanding office locations in Dallas, TX and Denver, CO.

Perks (vary by location and position):

  • On-site fitness center(s)
  • Campus walking paths
  • Company-sponsored social and wellness events
  • Official Sponsor of FC Cincinnati
  • Hybrid work-from-home options and flexible work schedule
  • On-site Market Place
  • Free and covered parking
  • Discounts for local businesses
  • On campus restaurants and banks coming soon


  • Medpace historically named a Top Cincinnati Workplace by the Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Mid-size Companies in 2021
  • Medpace ranks amongst top CROs for site ratings across all 10 important attributes including CRA training, preparation & organization, accessibility of staff, open communication, and ensuring timely drug availability
  • Continually recognized with CRO Leadership Awards from Life Science Leader magazine based on expertise, quality, capabilities, reliability, and compatibility
  • Ranked in the top 10 on the 2021 LinkedIn Top Companies list in Cincinnati


Possible interview question with answers may be asked for Research Associate at Medpace

  1. Can you describe your background and why you’re interested in becoming a Clinical Research Associate at Medpace?Answer: “I have a Bachelor’s degree in [Your Degree] and have worked in the healthcare field for [X years]. During my previous role as a [Your Previous Role], I became fascinated with clinical research and its potential to improve patient care. Medpace’s reputation for excellence in research and its commitment to training and development align perfectly with my career goals. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research at Medpace.”
  2. How do you handle the high travel requirements associated with this role, often reaching 60-80% nationally? Answer: “I understand that this position involves a significant amount of travel, and I’m fully prepared for it. In my previous role as a [Your Previous Role], I frequently traveled to [Locations] to meet with clients and perform [Relevant Tasks]. I’m organized, adaptable, and accustomed to being on the road. I see this as an opportunity to gain valuable experience and contribute effectively to Medpace’s research projects.”
  3. Can you describe your experience with regulatory compliance, including SOPs and GCP? Answer: “I have a strong foundation in regulatory compliance from my previous role as a [Your Previous Role]. I regularly ensured that our procedures aligned with SOPs and GCP standards. This included conducting internal audits, reviewing documentation for compliance, and training team members on these standards. I understand the critical importance of maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards in clinical research.”
  4. How do you approach ensuring data integrity in clinical research? Answer: “Data integrity is paramount in clinical research. I take a meticulous approach by double-checking data at every stage. This includes verifying that medical records and research documentation align with case report form data. If discrepancies arise, I follow SOPs and communicate any deviations appropriately to maintain data integrity. Attention to detail is key to ensuring accurate and reliable research outcomes.”
  5. Can you provide an example of a challenging situation you faced during a monitoring visit and how you resolved it?

Answer: “During a monitoring visit at a previous site, I encountered a situation where the site staff had made errors in data entry, which could have affected the study’s results. I remained calm, followed our established procedures, and communicated the issues to the site staff and my team. Together, we rectified the errors, updated the documentation, and ensured that the study remained on track. This experience reinforced the importance of effective communication and teamwork in resolving challenges promptly.”

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