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PhD Jobs Azim Premji University – Apply For Research Fellow. Join Azim Premji University’s dynamic research community! We invite postdoctoral candidates to seize this exciting opportunity and contribute to cutting-edge research initiatives.

Job Title: Research Fellow – Investigating Functional Traits and Tree Vulnerability

University: Azim Premji University

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Project Title: Investigating Functional Traits and Tree Vulnerability

Job Type: Full Time


As a researcher, you will be:

  • Involved in looking at vulnerability and endurance capability, keystone species of urban trees, and investigating functional traits at different scales.
  • Involved in collecting field samples, setting up and standardizing lab protocols, taking measurements, analyzing data, and writing manuscripts.
  • The project involves national and international collaborations.


  • Candidates with a PhD degree in plant eco-physiology or ecology are especially desirable. Exceptional candidates with a PhD degree in plant physiology with expertise in hydraulic traits will also be considered.
  • Candidates with a strong interest in working on a project that combines theory and experiment are invited to apply. Wet lab experience is preferred, and basic programming / analytical skills, especially in image processing, are desirable.
  • In exceptional cases, candidates with a master’s degree will also be considered.

Application process:

Please email the below documents to <[email protected]> with the subject line “Application for Research Fellow position“:

  • CV
  • Cover letter stating your interest in the position.
  • Names and contact details of two references.

The possible interview Q & A:

1. Question: Can you briefly describe your research background and experience in plant eco-physiology or ecology?

Answer: Certainly. I completed my Ph.D. in plant eco-physiology, focusing on understanding the physiological mechanisms of tree responses to environmental stressors. My research has primarily revolved around investigating how trees adapt to changing environmental conditions and their functional traits that enable them to thrive in urban ecosystems.

2. Question: The job posting mentions a preference for candidates with wet lab experience. Could you elaborate on your laboratory experience and any specific projects you’ve worked on?

Answer: Of course. During my doctoral studies, I gained extensive wet lab experience while studying the hydraulic traits of trees. I conducted experiments involving sap flow measurements, hydraulic conductivity tests, and vulnerability curve analysis. I also collaborated on projects that required sophisticated laboratory equipment to assess various plant physiological parameters.

3. Question: This position involves both fieldwork and data analysis. Can you provide examples of your experience in collecting field samples and conducting data analysis?

Answer: Certainly. In my previous research, I conducted fieldwork to collect leaf and stem samples, soil data, and environmental measurements in forested areas. I also established standardized protocols for sample collection and measurement techniques. Subsequently, I performed data analysis using statistical software to interpret the results and draw meaningful conclusions.

4. Question: Collaboration is a key component of this project. Can you share instances of your experience working on collaborative research projects, especially on a national or international level?

Answer: Certainly. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating on research projects with colleagues from various institutions. For instance, I was part of a research initiative that involved multiple universities and international partners to study the global impact of climate change on tree species. This experience allowed me to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse teams and contribute to successful outcomes.

5. Question: The job posting mentions that candidates with a master’s degree will also be considered in exceptional cases. Could you explain why you believe your qualifications make you an exceptional candidate, even if you hold a master’s degree?

Answer: While I hold a master’s degree, I believe my exceptional dedication to plant physiology research and my track record of successfully contributing to research projects demonstrate my suitability for this position. My experience, expertise, and passion for this field align well with the requirements of this role, and I am committed to making a valuable contribution to the project at Azim Premji University.

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