Pepsi QC Jobs Food Technology - Apply Online
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Pepsi QC Jobs Food Technology – Apply Online

Pepsi QC Jobs Food Technology – Apply Online. Quality control Job for BE / B.Tech in Food Technology at PepsiCo.  Interested Candidates can check out the details below and Apply Online.

Job title: Assistant Manager- QC

Job Location: Kosi, India

Job id: 226834

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Main Purpose: –

  • Vertical startup & stabilization of the green field operation.
  • Stabilization of shift quality operations in new green field plant
  • Ensuring sustenance and enhancement of quality systems & support food safety systems in plant.
  • Ensuring delivery of consistent quality & safe product as per PepsiCo standards
  • SOX responsibility for i2C process / control owners
  • Support quality assurance manager to ensure compliance for all statutory requirements wrt. FSSAI and Weighs n Measures act.
  • Analysis of consumer complain / Take action according/ Sharing report to QCM
  • QCs (Operatives) training and develop / Monitoring / IR/ performance appraisal
  • Implement PeQMS.
  • Monitoring of WUR.
  • Coordination with Agro for potato quality.



  • Vertical startup of green field plant with right quality product & building a quality culture in the plant.
  • Supporting the supply chain, sales function in delivering the right quality product in right time.
  • Achieve AOP volume & AVC by ensuring no disruption due to Quality &/or food safety issues or ingredients under QA approval.
  • Conduct weekly quality review meeting with Site leadership team and drive the closure of agreed action points
  • Coordinate with Quality Executives and Shift in-Charges for daily quality issues, planning and implementing best practices/systems in the plant
  • Ensure monthly process audits for manufacturing lines and closure of actions for improvement in product quality
  • Support Agro manager in Potato management process thru daily analysis of potato availability as per specs & potato planning for production and monthly audits of potato 3P to ensure storage & testing as per PepsiCo standards
  • Lead/Support task forces for quality improvements along with cross functional teams
    Support Food Safety coordinator to close gaps observed in internal food safety audit in process & packaging areas.
  • Drive implementation of FLI QA programs thru identification of gaps & ensuring actions in place with FPRs
  • Support Q.A manager in driving HH pillar activities as per plan.
  • Reinforcement of best practices in Process/Packaging sections to ensure meeting targets on Leakages & Shortages
  • Support R&D team in timely launch of NPD’s / other initiatives
  • Ensure Quarterly Process capability checks for all lines and improvement in the same
  • Facilitate monthly distributor visit of plant team for appreciation of quality issues at market place
  • Partner HR in imparting training to plant population on food safety, safety, personal hygiene, product & packaging quality as per training calendar
  • Management Information system – Compilation and tracking of key quality performance indicators on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Communicate the concept of “cost of quality” and importance of quality standards to employees in a structured manner.
  • Ensure quarterly youden analysis wrt analytical skills for QA team & operatives and conducting retraining, wherever necessary

Job Dimensions – what is the scope of the role – volume, net revenue, budget, geography, number of customers, number of sites etc for THIS role?

  • Volume (AOP volume) & AVC
  • Quality – wall in green, leakage, zero RED alert complaint
  • 3P & CFA audits
  • Market visit
  • Total Manpower: Operatives & contractual
  • AIB audit
  • Packaging machines

Additional information / Complexity

  • Complexity of vertically starting up & maintaining of new green field plants with two biggest PC lines along with new pool of manpower.
  • Interacting with cross functional team covering HR, Production, Agro, Maintenance, Commercial at different intervals basis function requirement at plant level
  • Interacting with Purchase, CQA, R&D at corporate level
  • Interacting with Incoming material vendors.
  • Managing team of operatives and Contractual
  • ER management and Engagement of operatives


Key Skills /Experience required

  • BE / B.Tech. – Food Technology, 4-6 yrs. of Exp.
  • Experience of working in Quality Assurance dept. in food manufacturing units.
  • Experience of preparing and implementing FSSAI/AIB/ HACCP in food processing facility.


Quality control Job for BE / B.Tech in Food Technology at PepsiCo. Here are five interview questions along with answers:

1. Can you describe your experience with vertically starting up and stabilizing a green field plant?

Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for leading the vertical startup of a new green field plant, which involved setting up all quality operations from scratch. I ensured that the plant began production with the right quality standards and developed a quality culture within the team. This included establishing quality systems, conducting process audits, and coordinating with various departments to meet PepsiCo’s quality standards.

2. How do you ensure the consistent delivery of quality and safe products in accordance with PepsiCo standards?

Answer: To ensure consistent quality and food safety, I implement a comprehensive approach. This includes conducting regular quality reviews, coordinating with Quality Executives and Shift In-Charges for daily quality issues, and performing monthly process audits. I also lead task forces for quality improvement and collaborate with cross-functional teams. Additionally, I support the implementation of Food Safety programs and reinforce best practices in the process and packaging sections.

3. Could you provide an example of how you have handled a challenging quality issue in a previous role?

Answer: Certainly. In a previous role, we faced a significant quality challenge related to product leakage. I initiated a cross-functional team, including production, maintenance, and quality, to investigate the root causes. We identified issues with a particular packaging machine and implemented immediate corrective actions. Furthermore, we conducted regular process capability checks and made necessary improvements to prevent similar issues in the future, ultimately reducing leakage by a substantial margin.

4. How do you manage and lead a team of operatives and contractual workers in maintaining quality standards?

Answer: Managing a team of operatives and contractual workers involves effective leadership and communication. I ensure that the team understands the importance of quality standards and provide training on food safety, personal hygiene, and product quality. I also conduct quarterly process capability checks, identify skill gaps, and arrange retraining as needed. Regular engagement and reinforcement of best practices play a crucial role in maintaining a quality-focused team.

5. Can you explain your experience in implementing and maintaining regulatory standards such as FSSAI, AIB, and HACCP in a food processing facility?

Answer: I have extensive experience in preparing and implementing regulatory standards in food processing facilities. This includes ensuring compliance with FSSAI, AIB, and HACCP requirements. I have been involved in the documentation, training, and audits necessary to meet these standards. Maintaining proper records, conducting internal audits, and collaborating with external auditors have been integral to ensuring our facility consistently adheres to these regulatory guidelines.

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