MSc Microbiology Job – Officer Micro Make QC Role – Apply Now

MSc Microbiology Job – Officer Micro Make QC Role – Apply Now. MSc Microbiology Job at Kenvue – Apply For Officer Micro QC Role. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Role : Officer Micro Make Q&C

Job ID : 2307012007W

Primary Location : Asia Pacific-India-Himachal Pradesh

Job Function : Quality Control


Kenvue is currently recruiting for: Officer Micro Make Q&C This position reports into Manager, Make Q&C and is based at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

What You Will Do

The position is responsible for performing QC-related activities in the Microbiology lab like Sampling and Testing of Raw and packaging Material, Release testing of the Finished Product, environment monitoring and working effectively towards GLP & GMP compliance perspective.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To ensure the implementation of Good Laboratory Practices and good Documentation Practices in the Quality Control Laboratory.
  • Microbiological Sampling, testing and review for all RM, PM, Intermediates, and finished products manufactured in the Plant. Also responsible for microbiology risk assessment as a Plant Hygienist
  • Responsible for the overall functioning of the Microbiology lab, in accordance with GLP as per Corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Support in all routine activities in microbiology lab such as Media Preparation, Cleaning and Sanitization, Environmental Monitoring, Water System Monitoring, Routine monitoring of Equipment and Instruments in microbiology lab, Utility samples Collection and analysis and routine culture maintenance activity.
  • Support to Validation/Qualification, maintenance, upkeep & related documentation for Micro Lab Equipment (Autoclaves, Incubators, LAFs, etc.).
  • Support to Validation/Qualification and periodic monitoring of Direct Impact Systems e.g., HVAC System (Environment monitoring), Purified Water System, Compressed Air, Moist Heat Decontamination Equipment (Moist heat sterilizer and Autoclave) etc. and their trending & record maintenance.
  • Quality System documentation preparation & control (SOP, STM, TM, etc.), preparation of Validation and requalification Protocols for laboratory Instruments/Equipment.
  • Ensure timely closure of Quality control-related investigations, CAPA; change controls, OOS and market complaints.
  • To conduct microbiological investigation & troubleshooting, for cause basis.
  • To maintain all-time readiness for internal and External, Regulatory Compliance Audits.
  • To provide periodic training and perform qualification of Analysts.
  • To support Method Validations & technology transfer of Microbiological methods.
  • Compliance with the EHS System and its requirements for the Laboratory.
  • Micro Testing supervision as CTS (competent technical staff)


What We Are Looking For

Required Qualifications

  • Master’s in Microbiology or equivalent
  • Computer Literacy, good working knowledge of MS Office
  • Basic Knowledge of SAP/ERP System
  • Minimum 3-4 years of Quality Control (Microbiology) experience in Reputed Healthcare/Pharmaceutical /FMCG/equivalent industries.
  • Approval from local FDA as competent technical staff


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Here are some interview questions and sample answers for the role of Officer Micro Make Q&C at Kenvue:

  1. Can you describe your experience with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in a Quality Control Laboratory setting?Sample Answer: In my previous role, I consistently implemented GLP and GMP standards in the Quality Control Laboratory to ensure the quality and integrity of our testing processes and data. I followed established protocols, maintained accurate documentation, and adhered to safety and cleanliness standards to meet regulatory requirements.
  2. What microbiological sampling and testing experience do you have with raw materials, packaging materials, intermediates, and finished products?Sample Answer: I have extensive experience in microbiological sampling and testing across all stages of production. This includes conducting tests for raw materials, packaging materials, intermediates, and finished products. I understand the importance of timely and accurate testing to ensure product safety and compliance.
  3. How do you ensure compliance with Corporate and regulatory requirements in a Microbiology lab?Sample Answer: To ensure compliance, I regularly review and update laboratory procedures to align with Corporate and regulatory requirements. I maintain proper documentation of processes and results, conduct regular audits, and keep the lab staff informed about the latest compliance standards. Additionally, I stay updated on regulatory changes to adapt our practices accordingly.
  4. Can you describe your experience with the validation and maintenance of laboratory equipment, especially in microbiology labs?Sample Answer: I have experience in the validation and maintenance of critical microbiology laboratory equipment, including autoclaves, incubators, laminar airflow units (LAFs), etc. This involves creating and maintaining validation protocols, ensuring equipment is calibrated, and performing routine maintenance to guarantee equipment reliability.
  5. How do you handle Quality Control-related investigations, CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions), and change controls?Sample Answer: When a Quality Control-related issue arises, I follow a structured approach. I initiate investigations to identify the root cause, implement necessary corrective and preventive actions, and document the entire process. I also manage change controls effectively to ensure any changes to laboratory procedures are controlled and well-documented.


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