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Molecular Biology Internship at ImmunitoAI, Microbiology Internship – Apply Online

Molecular Biology Internship at ImmunitoAI, Microbiology Internship – Apply Online. immunitoAI Internship Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Internship – Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Location: Bangalore

Duration: 3 months with the option to be converted to full-time employment based on performance.

Minimum Qualification:

Must Have:
Good to Have:


Possible Interview Questions:

  1. Can you describe your experience with basic molecular biology experiments, such as bacterial cloning and protein expression?
    • Answer: Certainly. During my academic journey, I had hands-on experience with these techniques in both lab courses and my research project. I’ve successfully conducted bacterial cloning to create recombinant plasmids and transformed them into host cells. I’ve also worked on protein expression and purification protocols, including affinity chromatography.
  2. Could you explain the significance of techniques like SPR, ELISA, and CD in biophysical characterization?
    • Answer: Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), and Circular Dichroism (CD) are crucial for understanding biomolecular interactions and structures. SPR measures binding kinetics, ELISA quantifies specific proteins, and CD assesses protein secondary structure. They are essential in antibody characterization and drug development.
  3. How do you keep up with the latest advancements in microbiology and molecular biology?
    • Answer: I stay updated through scientific journals, online platforms, and attending conferences. I regularly read research publications in these fields, follow reputable websites and forums, and engage in discussions with peers and professors to grasp recent developments.
  4. Tell us about your experience working in a cross-domain team with biochemists and computer scientists.
    • Answer: Collaborating with diverse experts has been a rewarding experience. In a previous project, I collaborated with biochemists to understand the biochemical aspects of a novel enzyme. Additionally, I worked alongside computer scientists to analyze and model biological data, ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  5. Can you provide an example of a complex problem you’ve encountered and how you approached it with a novel approach?
    • Answer: Certainly. In my research project, we faced challenges in improving the stability of a recombinant protein. I proposed a novel approach by introducing specific amino acid mutations based on computational modeling. This approach significantly enhanced the protein’s stability, which was validated through biophysical assays. It highlights my research-driven mindset and ability to devise creative solutions.

Note: These answers are indicative, and candidates should adapt their responses based on their actual experiences and knowledge.

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  1. Iam seriously look up to an opportunity to learn molecular biology techniques that hopefully help me to enter research field of microbiology because these two domains are remarkably correlated.

  2. I am interested in this internship…I fully command to work for this opportunity.

  3. I am from Pakistan, doing PhD in biotechnology while my graduation was in microbiology. I just love to explore microbiology with aspect of molecular techniques, I think this is the opportunity to get experience in the field of molecular microbiology in my dream city!
    I want know that can I apply for this internship and is that internship is funded?

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