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Syngenta Seeds is one of the world’s largest developers and producers of seed for farmers, commercial growers, retailers and small seed companies. You can see the Latest MSc Horticulture Job details below. Apply online if you are interested in the position of the Latest MSc Horticulture Job.

Position – Product Placement Scientist

Location – Pune, Maharashtra, India

Job Description: 


  • Manage trialing activities for crops in conjunction with the Market Segment Leads and Germplasm Development Scientist (GDS) (formerly known as Breeding Project Leads) to drive excellence in on/off-site trialing (Stage-3-5).
  • Successful delivery of the role will result in high-quality trials and data, to enable data-driven product advancement decisions in conjunction with Product Development Specialist (PDS) and regional Portfolio Managers.
  • Data will be captured in Syngenta property tools like EZCapture and delivered in SPIRIT
    PPS are the key technical contributors to the hybrid promotion from Stage 5 to Stage 6 focusing on the territory and regional demand.
  • PPS provides data for the Market Segment and Territory product advancement and positioning process for our new vegetable seeds products.
  • PPS based on insight of trial entries and markets, advises on positioning of the entries for the best and appropriate markets. Where possible also share information useful for the breeder for line development.

Accountabilities – 

  • Manage on/off site trialing and deliver quality data to support Stage-5 transfer to Stage-6 decision making within the given budget
  • Key contributor of Stage-6 transfer decisions with the variety performance and other technical parts at Territory level in her/his crops including input for the Product Marketing Database.
  • In collaboration with the commercial organization to establish On-Farm collaborations with key customers to create a Customer Centric culture which allows Syngenta to deliver solutions to our customers faster by exchanging data and information
  • Establish the target number of PLC5 varieties aligned with commercial objectives
  • Support early stage trialing activities under the responsibility of Germplasm Development Scientist (ex BPL) or Trait Development Lead (TDL).
  • Use of Syngenta tools like SPIRIT (data storage), EZCapture (data collection), MINT (material and inventory tracking) and Software as Power BI, Spotfire for data analysis and visualization
  • Organize data collection in the field with Syngenta or third-party employees.
  • Organize and lead Product Advancement Tour (PAT) with GDS, PDS, Portfolio managers and local Sales Representatives to present trials and new products candidate to transfer to Stage-6. PPS is securing the appropriate visit date in order to have all participants and to visit the trials at the appropriate development stage.
  • Prepare slides for Pre-Pam, with all insights for decision making, data and visualization to support decision making.
  • Make trial contract evaluations (price, quality, risks) according to protocol, implement subsequent improvements.
  • Follow Biosafety, Health Safety and Environment (HSE), compliance and ethics rules, and the quality system requirements according to Syngenta internal standards
  • Contribute to reach the company Sustainability targets

Critical Success Factors & Key Challenges

  • Learning to work within the Syngenta Seeds Vegetables matrix organization, with special attention to connection and support to Product Development and Sales/Marketing team within Market Segment and/or geography.
  • Build up a core team of growers who can perform good quality trials for the company.
  • Efficient use the resources available in the company.
  • Good health state to stand hard work conditions (hot, cold, humid).
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment, fast adaptation to new situations, requests.
  • Flexible and agile attitude.
  • Open behavior in case of disagreement.
  • Feel part of and responsible for the success of Syngenta Seeds.
  • Data Analysis and ability to place a product in a market for NPI sucess

Critical Experience Required For The Latest MSc Horticulture Job-

  • Experience in plant variety trialing (preferably in vegetable crops)
  • Experience in data processing and assessment (using statistical methods and IT tools)
  • Experience in agricultural technologies and applications
  • Experience in working with growers/other related companies/functions in the vegetable production or value chain
  • Understanding of the vegetable market and crop specifications
  • Profound understanding of agronomy and growing technics
  • Basic plant breeding principles
  • Profound knowledge of data science and statistics
  • Basic understanding of modeling.
  • Willingness to travel frequently (internal/abroad)
  • Experience with working in international environment is a plus
  • Experience in making public presentations is a plus


Critical knowledge and education required for the job:

  • MSc in Horticulture or in Agriculture with relevant crop related work experiences (threshold is 3-5 years dependent from the scope of the previous job).
  • Relevant knowledge about plant genetics and breeding (MSc in Plant Breeding & Genetics is a plus)
  • Knowledge about trial design and theory, principles of statistical data analysis
    Proficient in English (verbally and in writing)

Experiences to be gained on the job

  • Deep technical knowledge about the particular vegetable crop groups
  • Comprehensive market knowledge about the crop group (market demand, competitors, trends, across territory view, and regional differences)
  • Electronic data collection and high throughput phenotyping technologies
  • Developed analytical skills and mindset

Core Capabilities –

  • Strong result orientation and assertive mindset
  • Good relationship building and networking skills
  • Ability to stand for her/his proposal with courage
  • Challenging the status quo with innovative solutions
  • Proactive mindset and agility (communication, seeking solutions)
  • Taking new initiatives and to capturing new opportunities beyond borders
  • Candid to receive feedbacks and build these to her/his personal development
  • Flexibility in working (coping with timing/environment/ people changes)


Hi, everyone! We’ve put together a collection of interview questions along with their answers to support you in getting ready for your upcoming interview for the Latest MSc Horticulture Job We wish you all the best as you prepare and perform during your interview for the Latest MSc Horticulture Job.

Can you explain your experience with managing on/off-site trials for crop development and how it contributed to data-driven decision making?

Sample Answer: In my previous role as a Product Placement Scientist, I was responsible for managing trials for crop development. I collaborated closely with Market Segment Leads and Germplasm Development Scientists to plan and execute these trials. By ensuring high-quality trials and data collection, I contributed to informed decisions regarding the advancement of products from Stage 5 to Stage 6. This involved organizing data collection in the field, using tools like EZCapture and SPIRIT, and presenting insights during Product Advancement Tours. These efforts directly supported data-driven decision-making processes.

How have you built and managed relationships with growers and key customers to create a Customer Centric culture and exchange data and information?

Sample Answer: Building strong relationships with growers and key customers is essential for creating a Customer Centric culture. In my role, I actively engaged with growers and collaborated with the commercial organization to establish on-farm collaborations. We exchanged valuable data and information that helped us deliver solutions to our customers faster. This not only enhanced our understanding of customer needs but also strengthened our position in the market by fostering trust and collaboration.

Can you provide an example of a situation where you had to adapt to a dynamic environment and quickly respond to new challenges or requests?

Sample Answer: In the agricultural industry, adaptability is key. I once encountered a situation where unexpected weather conditions significantly impacted our trial schedule. To address this challenge, I quickly adapted by reshuffling the trial timelines, reallocating resources, and communicating effectively with the team. By demonstrating agility and a proactive attitude, we were able to overcome the obstacle and maintain the project’s progress.

How do you ensure compliance with Biosafety, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) standards and ethics rules in your role?

Sample Answer: Compliance with HSE standards and ethics rules is a fundamental aspect of my work. I make it a priority to follow Syngenta’s internal standards and guidelines meticulously. This includes implementing safety protocols during fieldwork, ensuring data integrity, and adhering to ethical principles in all interactions. I actively contribute to maintaining a safe and ethical working environment and promote sustainability as part of my commitment to the company’s values.

What strategies do you employ to analyze trial data and position a product effectively in the market for New Product Introduction (NPI) success?

Sample Answer: Analyzing trial data and positioning a product for NPI success requires a combination of technical and market knowledge. I start by applying statistical methods and IT tools to process and assess the data collected during trials. Additionally, I consider market demand, competitors, and regional differences to determine the best positioning for the product. I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including Product Development Specialists and Portfolio Managers, to ensure that the product aligns with market needs and has a competitive edge. This approach has proven successful in achieving NPI goals.

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